Edwin Encarnacion's Bat Drop In Stained Glass Is Your New Favourite Thing Ever

Andrew Stoeten
December 14 2016 12:03PM

Edwin Encarnacion
Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Wherever he ends up playing the rest of his career, Blue Jays fans will always have incredible memories of Edwin Encarnacion. And now we'll also have maybe Edwin's greatest Blue Jays moment immortalized in stained glass.

Or... well... we won't have it. An incredible hero of an imgur/Reddit user and stained glass artist, jayn19 will have it. But we'll have pictures of it on the internet!

To wit:


That. Is. Spectacular.

And not only have we been given the gift of this image, but in jayn19's original post takes you through the process of making this beauty.

Go check it out. Then maybe see if you can't figure out a way these can be mass produced.

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