Game Threat: I Thought Facing Chris Archer Was A Bad Thing? Blue Jays (11-13) vs. Rays (10-12)

Cam Lewis
April 30 2016 02:38PM

Okay, I certainly hope I’m not jinxing anything here, but based off of the way things have gone for him this season, seeing Chris Archer’s name on the lineup card today isn’t inducing the same sense of worry as it usually does. Of course, this is still Chris Archer we’re talking about here. You know, the guy who can make Jose Bautista look like Kevin Pillar with his remote controlled slider, and even though he’s having far and away the worst season of his career (it's early, obviously), he isn’t really somebody that you expect to knock around. 

I don’t know. I’ve got mixed feelings here. I want to believe that Archer is going to continue struggling, but then I look at his strikeout rates, then the Blue Jays hitters’ strikeout rates, and I don’t see the greatest combination. You can’t predict baseball, so I’ll talk about what happened yesterday instead. 

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Game Threat: The Bats Are Back (And So Is Hutch), Blue Jays (9-10) vs. A's (10-8)

Cam Lewis
April 24 2016 10:24AM

When the Jays announced on Friday that they were going to be calling up Drew Hutchison from Triple-A Buffalo for a spot start on Sunday, I immediately (jokingly) thought it was all part of a clever plan to get the frustratingly limp bats working. I mean, Hutch managed to earn a 13-5 record last season despite pitching really poorly because the hitters gave him an average of 6.64 runs of support per nine innings. So if they threw him into a game, the offence would certainly wake up, knowing they needed, like, ten runs to win, right?

Obviously that isn’t actually how that works, and even if it did, it could be a moot point completely, because it looks like the bats may actually be hitting their stride. And we should all be very, very thankful for that, because not only is the offence a massive part of this team’s future success, but watching them pound the ball all over the place is a damn pleasure. 

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Game Threat: J.A. Happ, can you stop the bleeding? Blue Jays (8-10) vs. A's (10-7)

Cam Lewis
April 23 2016 10:30AM

Well, yesterday was pretty rough. After dropping two really, really winnable games against the Dirty Birds at Camden Yards, the Jays retuned to Toronto to face the hottest team in baseball, the Oakland Athletics. And of course, before that, we learned that Chris Colabello was suspended 80 games for using a performance enhancing drug, which was certainly bizarre. 

At least it can’t get much worse, right? RIGHT?! 

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Game Threat: The Kevin Pillar Leadoff Hitter Saga Comes to a Close, Blue Jays (5-7) vs. Red Sox (6-4)

Cam Lewis
April 17 2016 10:07AM

The Blue Jays’ offence hasn’t been itself so far this season. The bats that would club their way to double-digit victories last season with ease currently rank seventh in the American League in runs scored per game, thanks largely to a whopping, league-leading 124 strikeouts. This has been evident in the past couple of games in Boston, as Rick Porcello, David Price, and the Red Sox bullpen has held the Jays to a paltry five runs while also striking them out 24 times. 

It’s only been twelve games, so in no way is this performance indicative of some kind of massive regression in which this group is suddenly just average offensively or something, but it’s been bad enough that Gibby has decided to make a change. Kevin Pillar is out as leadoff hitter, and for now, Michael Saunders is in. 

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Game Threat: Facing a Familiar Foe in David Price, Blue Jays (5-6) vs. Red Sox (5-4)

Cam Lewis
April 16 2016 12:27PM

In my mind, this is the best time of the year. The weather is nice, everybody seems generally more pleasant, and we can go outside and enjoy the sun as it stays up well into the evening. Of course, we don’t actually have to go outside, especially considering the quality and quantity of sports filling the television right now. There’s the first round of the NHL and the NBA Playoffs, and sprinkled in the middle, there’s a Blue Jays and Red Sox game at Fenway Park marking the first time David Price will face his former team since he signed in Boston in free agency.  

Usually, I would see an opposing David Price start on the calendar and think “oh dammit, I’m not looking forward to that.” But after Price endeared himself to the city of Toronto by playing a key role in helping the Jays to their first American League East crown in over two decades, this game has a lot more to it than it usually would. 

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