Spring Threat: Blue Jays and Phillies cancelled due to rain

Cam Lewis
March 19 2016 09:31AM

Yesterday, Aaron Sanchez did his best to prove that he deserves to break camp as a member of the Blue Jays’ starting rotation, and today, Gavin Floyd will try to do the same against the Phillies. And the game is on TV! 

EDIT: Actually.... Unfortunately, there won't be any Jays baseball today as the game was cancelled due to rain. Booo!!! 

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Spring Threat: Sanchez gets the ball as the Jays host the Rays

Cam Lewis
March 13 2016 09:42AM

Well, that wasn’t very fun. Just as I started going on about difficult it is to temper expectations on this club as they dominate Grapefruit ball, they slam their faces into the wall and lose 8-5 to the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Oh well, these are exhibition games, after all. Does very-unlikely-to-make-the-opening-night-roster Brad Penny and Roberto Hernandez getting knocked around represent anything significant? Of course not. But still, watching the Jays win is more fun than watching them lose, regardless of the meaninglessness of the game. 

Anyways, the Jays are back in action today against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (I still have a hard time dropping the Devil because the name Tampa Bay Rays sounds like a collection of people from Tampa Bay named Ray and I don't like it). And they're on TV (Sportsnet) this time! Woohoo! 

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Spring Threat: Blue Jays head to Clearwater to take on the Phillies

Cam Lewis
March 12 2016 09:36AM

It’s really, really hard not to get excited about this team. As we all know, these exhibition games don’t mean a hell of a lot — even that’s being generous — but still, big bats picking up where they left off, pitching depth galore, and nice performances from prospects have all contributed to the spring training hype train chugging at rapid speed. Besides who doesn’t enjoy watching the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox on a Jon Berti walk off single (even if it’s in spring training)? I’ll take it. 

Anyways, the Jays are back in action today against the Phillies from Bright House Field in Clearwater, Florida (yeah, the Scientology place) with R.A. Dickey taking the mound against Vince Velasquez. Baseball! On a Saturday!

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