Game Threat: Facing a Familiar Foe in David Price, Blue Jays (5-6) vs. Red Sox (5-4)

Cam Lewis
April 16 2016 12:27PM

In my mind, this is the best time of the year. The weather is nice, everybody seems generally more pleasant, and we can go outside and enjoy the sun as it stays up well into the evening. Of course, we don’t actually have to go outside, especially considering the quality and quantity of sports filling the television right now. There’s the first round of the NHL and the NBA Playoffs, and sprinkled in the middle, there’s a Blue Jays and Red Sox game at Fenway Park marking the first time David Price will face his former team since he signed in Boston in free agency.  

Usually, I would see an opposing David Price start on the calendar and think “oh dammit, I’m not looking forward to that.” But after Price endeared himself to the city of Toronto by playing a key role in helping the Jays to their first American League East crown in over two decades, this game has a lot more to it than it usually would. 

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Game Threat: Marco Estrada makes his season debut, Blue Jays (2-4) vs. Red Sox (3-1)

Cam Lewis
April 10 2016 07:00AM

Well, the relievers didn’t cough up a lead in the late innings this time. So, that’s something, right? 

After dropping four in a row, the Blue Jays will turn to Marco Estrada, who's set to make his first start since signing a two-year $26 million contract last winter, as they try to salvage the series against knuckleballer Steven Wright and the Boston Red Sox. Marco was excellent at dragging the Jays out of the mud and giving them good starts when they needed him most last season, so let's hope that we can see some of that today. 

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Game Threat: Blue Jays (2-3) vs. Red Sox (2-1)

Cam Lewis
April 09 2016 10:54AM

Last night looked like it was going to be one of those #ComeTogether moments. The crowd was insane, probably the loudest and most intense one for a Home Opener at Rogers Centre that I can remember. When Josh Donaldson hit that Grand Slam off Joe Kelly in the fourth inning, it was like the roof was going to pop off. 

But unfortunately, the Blue Jays party was spoiled. Kind of by the Red Sox, and kind of by themselves. The relievers had another meltdown in the late innings, while Boston’s locked it down, and the Sox came back and took the game 8-7. 

This obviously wasn't the turn of events we were looking for after it looked like the Jays were busting out of whatever slump they were having the last couple games of the Tampa Bay series, but hey, it's early. 

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Opening Day Threat: Blue Jays Send Stroman To The Mound To Take On Archer and The Rays

Cam Lewis
April 03 2016 11:06AM

Well, here we go. Opening Day is here.

Are you ready? Are you ready for perhaps the most highly anticipated Blue jays season in years? Are you ready to get as amped up for games as Marcus Stroman does whenever somebody records an out or hits a home run? Are you ready to consistently refresh the MLB app on your phone to try and follow the score of the game? Are you ready for Blue Jays baseball?!

Hell yeah you are. Let's get rolling. 

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Before We Get Into Baseball Again, Let's Remember The Unforgettable 2015 Toronto Blue Jays

Cam Lewis
April 03 2016 08:00AM

Opening Day is here! Obviously that's exciting, but this year, it feels different than it normally does. Usually, Blue Jays fans are accustomed to a long winter, not only because we live in Canada, but because we started looking forward to next year in July. But last season, rather than sliding out of contention during the dog days of summer, the Jays went all the way and snapped their 21-year playoff drought, bringing playoff baseball back to Canada for the first time since 1993. 

Last year's group was nothing short of incredible. They mashed the ball all over the place, hitting home runs like it was Slo-Pitch. They dug themselves deep into holes with terrible pitching, and then climbed out of it just for fun with last-second rallies. They played defence as if they were given bonus points for style, diving around the field with reckless abandon. Josh Donaldson clubbed walk off home runs, Edwin Encarnacion had a hat trick, Marco Estrada almost threw a perfect game, Kevin Pillar became superman, Jose Bautista would eye down opposing pitchers like a goddamn lunatic and try to throw guys out at first base from right field, Liam Hendriks could suddenly throw in the high 90s, Ben Revere tried to do a gatorade shower but dropped the container, Chris Colabello found ways to sneak the ball past the other team’s fielders, Roberto Osuna climbed through the entire organization in a few weeks to become a lights out closer at 20 years of age, and that’s just scratching the surface. 

They were so damn frustrating at times, but they always made up for it by being unforgettable. And then when they pulled it together, they reminded us why we couldn’t stop watching. So before we jump into another season, let's take a few minutes to remember the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays. 

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