Game Threat: Looking for a series win, Blue Jays (39-32) vs Orioles (39-28)

Cam Lewis
June 19 2016 11:04AM

After the fireworks in the series opener, and, well, all of last weekend pretty much, yesterday afternoon's game felt like a real snoozer. Maybe it's because the game was at the ugly start time of 4:00 pm. Maybe it's because the Jays weren't able to solve junk-baller Yovani Gallardo and ultimately dropped the game. Maybe it was both. Regardless, that game sucked. And fuck Baltimore (I feel like this is a running theme regardless of the outcome of the game). 

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Game Threat: Tulo returns to the lineup for another Junk Bird drumming, Blue Jays (39-31) vs Orioles (38-28)

Cam Lewis
June 18 2016 12:26PM

Holy shit, Michael Saunders! Tulo is back! Mike Wright got sent to Triple-A! Bob McCown is trying to convince us that Jose Bautista is getting traded! Let's see another absolute drumming of the trash birds! Fuck Baltimore! Let's go!

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Series Recap: The Grilli (And The Bats) Get Fired Up, Jays Grab Three From Orioles

Cam Lewis
June 12 2016 03:54PM

Winning is great. But do you know what's even better? Winning against the Baltimore Orioles. 

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Game Threat: Holes In Their Bats? Which Team Are We Talking About? Blue Jays (34-30) vs Orioles (36-25)

Cam Lewis
June 12 2016 10:13AM

Yesterday's game was one of those ones that made it feel like 2015 again. A decent start from a pitcher, working his way in and out of trouble all afternoon, runs here and there, and then bam, a huge inning, promptly followed by some shaky relief pitching, and then bam again, another big inning, and an 11-6 win. 

The Jays will look to continue their recent dominance against AL East opponents and grab their third-consecutive win against the Orioles today, so hopefully for their sake (not actually, thoyugh, vecause fuck Baltimore) Ubaldo Jimenez is able to find these holes in the Jays' bats that Mike Wright was yammering on about yesterday.

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Game Threat: It's The Wright Time to Score Some Runs, Blue Jays (33-30) vs Orioles (36-24)

Cam Lewis
June 11 2016 10:11AM

A walk-off win is always great, that much is obvious, but it's even better when it comes against the Baltimore Dirty Trash Birds just one day after those same shit-birds grabbed a frustrating win in the series opener on Thursday. So thank you Edwin! I really wasn't all too interested in watching the, wait for it, garbage-ass Birds from gutter-fuck Baltimore earn comeback wins in back-to-back games. 

So after splitting the first two games, the Jays will take on Mike Wright this afternoon as J.A. Happ gets the ball looking to rebound after a pretty ugly loss in Detroit. Keep it rolling! And fuck Baltimore! (Also, that's a fantastic picture up top, capturing how EE really puts the Win in Edwin he he he.) 

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