It Could Be Worse, It Should Be Better

Stacey May Fowles
April 13 2016 02:15PM

Josdh Donaldson
Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s just say the first week of Blue Jays baseball has not exactly met our lofty collective expectations.

Yes, I know it’s incredibly early. Yes, I know that the 2015 season didn’t pick up until summer was in full flight. And yes, I know I’m one of those “just glad to be in a ballpark” weirdos who always tries to put things into insufferable perspective. But part of the reason there’s an extra sting to this initial handful of close-ish losses is because those hopeful playoff memories are still fresh in our minds. We wanted more. We expected more. We know exactly how well this team can perform, and we know that in some cases they’ve been robbed of victories by bad circumstances. (That tricky slide rule, for example.) Given all that, I’d say it’s okay to be frustrated by a car wreck inning or two, especially immediately after watching Donaldson generously hit a grand slam.

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Brett Cecil's Turnaround Enters Its 10th Month

Stacey May Fowles
April 05 2016 12:23PM

John Gibbons and Brett Cecil
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In mid-June of last year, Brett Cecil had a really bad week.

His earned run average blew up to a painful 5.96 after allowing eight runs in three appearances. He barely made a save. He blew a save and lost a game. He lost another game. Watching that handful of collapses felt like the worst kind of baseball hellscape, the kind of empathetic experience where you just bury your face in your hands and moan quietly to yourself.

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Josh Donaldson Speaks Candidly About Domestic Violence

Stacey May Fowles
March 22 2016 11:38AM

Josh Donaldson
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Late last night, The Toronto Star released a one-on-one interview reporter Rosie DiManno did with Blue Jays’ third basemen Josh Donaldson. In many ways, the existence of the interview in itself is a revelation, referring to the fraught, abusive environment Donaldson grew up in, and discussing, in his own words, the domestic abuse he witnessed as a child. It has long been public knowledge that Donaldson’s father served fifteen years in prison for crimes committed against Donaldson’s mother (and others,) but to my knowledge this is the first time the American League MVP has spoken so frankly to the media about his own experience as it relates to recent changes to how the MLB approaches domestic violence. (Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman recently became the first player to be disciplined under the new policy, suspended for thirty games after allegedly choking his girlfriend and admitting to firing eight gunshots.)

“These are grown men on the field here,” Donaldson tells DiManno during the interview. “Domestic violence is a numbers game, right? There’s going to be one or two people, just by pure numbers, who are involved in that kind of thing. It’s everywhere, in every profession. The more that we can get ahead of this, the more educated people will be, and hopefully that makes everyone think.”

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