Stoeten Opens Gregor's Box - 01/09/17

Andrew Stoeten
January 09 2017 02:22PM


The Griff Bag and the Benny Fresh chat seem to no longer occupy their places on the Blue Jays online landscape, and while that's a horrible loss for all of us (but especially yours truly), we do still have one last major chatbag to be hijacked: Gregor Chisholm's Inbox.

And while it may be the Griff Bag's infinitely less bent cousin, and I may actually be mostly giving actual, serious answers here -- and, sadly, not calling people goddamned morons -- I hijacked the shit out of his latest one for anyway.

So let's do it to it!

As always, I have not read any of Gregor’s answers. If there’s a question you’d like me to answer, submit it to Gregor in his post and maybe he’ll select it for a future mail bag. Fingers crossed!

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Daily Duce: Friday, January 6th

Andrew Stoeten
January 06 2017 04:34PM



The Orioles made a shrewd trade on Friday, adding outfielder Seth Smith from the Mariners in exchange for the flaming corpse of Yovani Gallardo. Seattle then swiftly grabbed Jarrod Dyson from Kansas City in exchange for Nate Karns, making most what's written in the rest of this paragraph moot. Joel Sherman tweeted at the time that maybe this means the Mariners would jump into the Jose Bautista market. Ken Rosenthal brought up this idea too, though, while noting that it would cost the Mariners the 17th overall pick in next June's draft to sign José (and because of that -- and, y'know, the fact that they were about to trade for Dyson -- the Mariners say, per a Bob Nightengale tweet, that it's unlikely). I'm just hoping that he gets a concrete offer from someone soon so he can take it to the Jays, they can beat it, and we can finally end this nonsense. *puts feet up* Ahhh, pulled that one out of the fire.

Here's something I should probably have listed above the stuff about the Orioles and Mariners making a move: the Jays made a move! A minor one, that is -- but a very nice one. They signed Gavin Floyd to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Floyd showed last year, before he got hurt, that he can be something resembling asset both out of the bullpen or as starting pitching depth. That is, if you define "asset" as being marginally above replacement level on the best of days. Which I do! Jon Heyman notes that Floyd will make $1 million if he's in the majors with the Jays. Given the state of the bullpen, that seems fairly likely.

Keegan Matheson goes deep into Gavin Floyd... er... into Gavin Floyd's arsenal... er... into Gavin Floyd's mechanics and arsenal in an excellent piece for Jays Journal.

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How The Blue Jays Can Salvage Their Uninspiring Offseason

Andrew Stoeten
January 06 2017 02:53PM

José Bautista
Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro

Edwin Encarnaciôn was officially introduced to the media in Cleveland on Thursday. The previous night he was met with rapturous applause when shown on the scoreboard attending a Cavaliers game. For fans in Toronto, it has been understandably surreal to watch, and tough to swallow; small-market Cleveland, which vanquished the Jays and their powerful lineup in the ALCS last October, ending up with their star slugger for the next three seasons. Meanwhile, the wealthy and incredibly popular team north of the border spins its wheels at precisely the moment it feels like it needs most to be bold.

How could this happen? And how can the Blue Jays salvage this strange and so-far thoroughly unsatisfying offseason?


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Redditors Theorizing About a Stroman/Sanchez Feud

Andrew Stoeten
January 06 2017 01:55PM

Sanchez Stroman Meme
Brilliant image/use of meme via itsdgc.

I don't think we should particularly care too much about the private lives of the players on the teams we follow -- or maybe it's just that I personally don't care -- and so I hesitate to get into this, but given the way certain players have made the private public as part of their brand, maybe some folks over at /r/TorontoBlueJays have a conspiracy theory (or, at least, some kind of a theory) worth pondering.

Like Redditor sugardaddymac, I noticed that almost immediately after news broke that Aaron Sanchez had hired Scott Boras as his agent, Marcus Stroman tweeted, "Be extremely cautious of who you let in your life and put on your wave." I didn't think much of it at the time, beyond the fact that the timing was funny given the Boras news and the way people tend to think negatively of Boras.

The aforementioned Redditor thought a little more of it, it turns out.

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Birds All Day: 96. Boras, Bautista, and Boredom

Andrew Stoeten
January 06 2017 01:09PM

Scott Boras
Photo Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

All is quiet on the Bautista front, Aaron Sanchez has a new agent, plus listen questions and so much more as we try to pass the time between now and Spring Training. Yay?

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