Josh Donaldson Misses Workout, MRI Indicates Right Calf Strain

Cam Lewis
February 18 2017 12:30PM


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There was some absolutely terrifying news out of Blue Jays camp today, as multiple sources reported that Josh Donaldson wasn't at the team's first full workout because he "felt something" in his calf. Donaldson will get an MRI on his calf today, a Blue Jays spokesperson said. Uh oh! 

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This Full Troy Tulowitzki Scrum Is a Hell of a Thing To Watch

Andrew Stoeten
February 17 2017 03:53PM

Troy Tulowitzki
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Tulowitzki plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.

That's a beautiful phrase just about any time of day, but I dare you to think it it after watching the full eleven minute scrum Tulo had with reporters in Dunedin on Thursday and not come away with a huge smile on your face.

I'm not sure how or why this has made its way onto YouTube, or how long it's going to last before it gets pulled -- especially after this post -- but hot damn. As much as I'm fully in the tank for outspoken and fun ballplayers like José Bautista or Marcus Stroman, to see Tulowitzki light up as he talks about his job, and the pride he takes in it, and the passion he has for it, and for making his teammates better, and for being an "old school" type and an elder statesman of the shortstop position, and the respect that he has for the game? Dude, you might start weeping.

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Bautista Speaks!: On Motivation and Positional Flexibility

Andrew Stoeten
February 17 2017 01:32PM


José Bautista arrived at camp in Dunedin on Thursday, and had his first real scrum with the media since re-signing with the Blue Jays late in the winter, following a spell on the open market characterized by an utter lack of interest from most clubs.

Sporting the jersey of another club whose best players are past it -- HEYO! -- Bautista strode out from inside the Jays' training facility in Dunedin to face the microphones and talk about the upcoming season. At least one of Bautista's answers came off "rather icily," according to Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail, but judging by a Canadian Press video embedded in his piece, it was hardly a tense interaction.

You can probably guess which question caused the frosty reaction. To paraphrase MacLeod (because the moment, unfortunately, doesn't appear in the video), it was about whether he had something to prove this season, to dispel the notion that he's injury prone and on the downside of his career.

"I wasn't aware that was the perception," Bautista said.

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Why Dalton Pompey Should Skip the World Baseball Classic

Andrew Stoeten
February 17 2017 12:49PM

Dalton Pompey
Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

I don't want to slag Dalton Pompey here. That's far from my purpose. Not that I'd know personally, but I'm sure it's an honour to be asked to play for your country and a privilege that most players don't take lightly. Frankly, if more players had stronger commitments to their national programs the WBC would be a much better tournament, and if more teams were accommodating to guys participating in the WBC it would be better for everyone. Much respect to Pompey for playing. Seriously. All I'm doing is asking a question, not questioning an action.

But... um... what in the ever-loving fuck is Dalton doing on the Team Canada roster for the World Baseball Classic when the Blue Jays have a giant mess in left field, and he looks like exactly the kind of player who could come in, win the job, and spare us of a whole lot of Melvin Upton Jr., and even more of Ezequiel Carrera struggling against right-handed pitching?

Pompey was deemed good enough to be a big league starter back in 2015, and while things haven't exactly gone swimmingly for him since then—he ended up demoted all the way down to Double-A New Hampshire that season, and had an injury-riddled off year at Buffalo in 2016—it's not like the bar he'd have to cross to become the most valuable of the Jays' left field options is very high. Or, at least, it shouldn't be.


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Birds All Day: 101. Pitchers and Catchers and Latoses Report!

Andrew Stoeten
February 16 2017 10:57PM


Spring is here -- we`ve all seen the pictures -- so let`s take a moment to dump on the Jays` latest acquisition! Plus we talk Dalton Pompey, Strochez, Tulo the true #6dad, and so much more!

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