Fowler is the Jays' Current "Plan A," Though the Cardinals Have Reportedly Made a Similar Offer

Andrew Stoeten
December 06 2016 02:22PM

Dexter Fowler
Photo Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Today in better news, by all accounts the Blue Jays are still in the running to sign Dexter Fowler! And they'd have to actually pony up real money to do so!

Last night Jon Heyman reported at FanRag that the Jays have offered Fowler a four year deal worth $60 million -- or $12 million short of what he and his camp think they can get. And today it seems that the St. Louis Cardinals, the other team in hard on the market for his services (if the reports are to be believed), have offered something similar.

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Ugh. So Boston Traded For Chris Sale

Andrew Stoeten
December 06 2016 01:36PM

Chris Sale
Photo Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


The Red Sox just got the whole MLB universe into a lather before anybody's even played a damn game yet, and.... ugh... it's for good reason: they now employ criminally underpaid and astonishingly good starting pitcher Chris Sale, formerly of the White Sox.

In one single move, they've made their team a decent slice better -- something somebody should tell the Blue Jays teams are allowed to do nowadays. *COUGH*

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Birds All Day: 92. Winter Meetings 2017 - Monday!

Andrew Stoeten
December 05 2016 11:29PM

Steve Pearce
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Fire up the hot stove, baseball's annual Winter Meetings are on and Birds All Day has you covered. By which we mean we'll talk you down into a grim pit of despair about your Toronto Blue Jays and their lack of activity so far this winter. Um... mostly. AND SO MUCH MORE!

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Why the Luxury Tax Will Probably (Hopefully) Prevent the Red Sox From Landing Edwin

Andrew Stoeten
December 05 2016 04:58PM

Dave Dombrowski
Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well here's the kind of thing that will snap you out of daydreams about Edwin Encarnacion and Giancarlo Stanton smashing dingers back-to-back in that gaudy Marlins ballpark (which I was doing for a while there, figuring that Florida is at least one location Edwin could find himself that won't make me blanch). Apparently we can't quite rule Boston out of the sweepstakes just yet, because they haven't yet decided if they'll stay below the luxury tax threshold.

To wit:

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Mariners Listening On Seth Smith, Who Makes Much Sense For the Jays

Andrew Stoeten
December 05 2016 03:29PM

Sith Smith
Photo Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

You wanted unsexy names? Well you got 'em!

Oh... wait. You didn't want unsexy names? Well, sorry, but that's what Blue Jays fans were always going to be looking at, as far as acquisitions this off-season were concerned. And hey, here's another: Seth Smith of the Mariners.

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