Jays Unsurprisingly Tender Contracts to All Arbitration Eligible Players, But Outright Colabello and Burns

Andrew Stoeten
December 02 2016 07:26PM

Chris Colabello
Photo Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Transaction Friday alert! Though this evening's moves are mostly ones that we should have all seen coming, given the 8 PM ET deadline for clubs to tender contracts to their arbitration eligible players. (Shit, in fact, I should have just pre-written all this!)

A couple moves, however, were mild surprises.

So let's go through what just happened, starting with the least surprising:

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OK, But Seriously, What's With the Morales Deal?

Andrew Stoeten
December 02 2016 01:25PM

Kendrys Morales
Photo Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Kendrys Morales and Chris Carter had damned close to the same season in 2016.

Carter provided the Brewers with 10 more home runs, 25 more walks, and 30 extra points of slugging percentage, while Morales gave the Royals 25 more hits, 85 fewer strikeouts, and 40 extra points of batting average. Kendrys put up a wRC+ of 110 and an OPS+ of 108, whereas for Carter those numbers were 112 and 114.

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Fowler's Camp "Thinks They Can Get $18 Million Per Year": Heyman

Andrew Stoeten
December 01 2016 06:53PM

Dexter Fowler
Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

How does Dexter Fowler on four straight qualifying offer deals sound to you?

I know, I know, the new CBA has made it so players can only be given a qualifying offer once in their careers, but play along: this year the QO required a commitment of about $18 million, and according to a tweet here on Thursday evening from Jon Heyman, that's the amount per year that Dexter Fowler's camp thinks they can get.

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Lockout Unsurprisingly Averted, CBA Changes Won't Impact Current Free Agents (Such As Edwin, Who Is Still "Talking To Teams")

Andrew Stoeten
November 30 2016 09:28PM

Edwin Encarnacion
Photo Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear the most shocking thing in the world?

NO! Not that Toronto FC has actually made the MLS Cup Final. I mean sarcastically the most shocking thing in the world. You know: that all the talk about the potential for an MLB lockout if the players' union and the league didn't agree to a new CBA by midnight was just bullshit posturing!

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Edwin's Agent: Nothing Is Imminent

Andrew Stoeten
November 30 2016 06:18PM

Edwin Encarnacion
"Whut? You mean I shouldn't get on a plane to Houston???" Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, so remember that thing where we were hearing that Edwin Encarnacion was going to sign with the Houston Astros at some point today? And nobody seemed to want to touch it except a couple of very confident White Sox bloggers?

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