David Aardsma Gets It

John Lott
March 25 2016 09:10AM

David Aardsma
Photo Credit: John Lott

On Tuesday night, David Aardsma took to Twitter and struck a blow for baseball’s proletariat:

So the next morning, I walk up to his locker in the Blue Jays’ clubhouse. “I’m here to do your cover story,” I announce.

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Birds All Day Podcast - Episode 53

Andrew Stoeten
March 24 2016 01:45PM


Alright! It's episode 53 of Birds All Day! Featuring Tulo's injury, the Jays and depth, a bunch of Aaron Sanchez talk, and so much more!

While you're listening, give a like to Birds All Day on Facebook! Also, please note that, as always, this episode of the Birds All Day podcast is made possible by those who've chosen to support us through our Patreon campaign -- an ingenious type of crowdfunding that allows you to invest in creators of the content you value with a small, recurring, monthly contribution that individually you’ll barely notice, but for us helps immensely. We can’t thank you all enough for your support. Now enjoy the episode...

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Aaron Sanchez Should Probably Face Some More Legit Left-Handed Hitters Before We Anoint Him A Starter

Andrew Stoeten
March 23 2016 02:32PM

Aaron Sanchez
Photo Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Sanchez produced another pretty little spring training line today against the Mets, as he continues to make the Blue Jays’ decision on what to do with him a difficult one. He’s done everything they’ve asked of him, and the results so far have been spectacular.

But here’s the thing about Aaron Sanchez that Jays fans and Jays management alike need to keep in mind before working themselves into a lather about what they’ve seen this spring: we know he can get right-handers out (in 2015 he held them to a ridiculous .162/.242/.194 line as a group over 47.1 innings/178 batters), and we know he can get minor leaguers out.

What really remains to be seen is whether he can get big league left-handers out -- a question that revolves around his ability to harness his secondary stuff, and remains central to his future role.

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Troy Tulowitzki Hit In The Hand, Removed From Today's Game (Updated)

Andrew Stoeten
March 23 2016 12:45PM

Troy Tulowitzki
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

 I can’t tell you much more about this one just yet than what the title says, but to recap: Troy Tulowitzki was removed from today’s game in Dunedin against the Mets after taking a Bartolo Colon pitch to his right hand.

We’re still waiting on word from the Blue Jays, but obviously we’re all aware of the sort of terrible luck that Tulo has had in his career when it comes to injuries -- and how vitally important he is to the 2016 Blue Jays (not to mention, if you want to get real wild-thinking about it, the legacy of the 2015 run and Alex Anthopoulos) -- so… this is a thing that’s certainly gets one’s attention.

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Spring Threat: Jays vs. Mets

Andrew Stoeten
March 23 2016 11:13AM

Aaron Sanchez
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A Bartolo Colon start against the Jays and it isn't televised? For shame!

But even bigger (though not, of course, literally) than that is Bartolo's opponent on the mound today, Aaron Sanchez, who looks to continue to force the Jays' hand in his quest to break camp as a member of the Blue Jays' rotation.

The Mets even almost brought some recognizable names for him to mow down in the process. Almost.

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