Hey, The Jays Signed Rafael Soriano (And Other Guys You Once Knew)

Andrew Stoeten
March 01 2016 09:15AM

Rafael Soriano
Photo Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

In camp right now with the Blue Jays are right-handed non-roster invitees David Aardsma, Brad Penny, and Roberto Hernandez (who rings two bells with his names, having once also been known as Fausto Carmona). On the actual 40-man they've also got Gavin Floyd (for some reason), rule five pick-up Joe Biagini (who made a good impression in inter-squad action yesterday), and former Oakland Athletic Arnold Leon.

From the left side they have invitees Wade LeBlanc and Scott Diamond. They have switch-pitcher Pat Venditte -- who was particularly (read: only) effective from the left side in 2015, holding lefty hitters to a sparkling .104/.173/.234. 

And those are just the new names that go beyond vaguely familiar!

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Mark Shapiro Is His Clearest Yet On Bautista And Encarnacion Extensions, Alex's Departure, And More

Andrew Stoeten
February 29 2016 03:15PM

Mark ShapiroChoosing his words carefully as he wades into the contract muck -- screengrab via TSN

In a terrific and wide-ranging 19 minute interview (which for some reason isn't embeddable), Blue Jays president Mark Shapiro spoke with TSN's Steve Phillips in a piece aired over the weekend, making perhaps his clearest remarks yet on the departure of Alex Anthopoulos, the realities of the Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion contract situations, his position on using analyitcs data to guide decisions, and more.

Of particular significance are his remarks on the status of his free-agent-to-be sluggers, and the clear implication that fans shouldn't expect a resolution any time soon (despite the fact that near the end of the chat he wouldn't rule out something changing from where it stands now, and a deal getting done with Encarnacion prior to his Opening Day deadline).

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Apparently We're Supposed To Talk Potential Canadian MLB Expansion Today

Andrew Stoeten
February 29 2016 12:33PM


I'll give Jon Morosi one thing: he knows how to get people talking. Or, at the very least, get people clicking. Or to get himself on the radio in some of the biggest markets in this country, if not the US as well.

He especially knows how to get people talking about big, pipe-dreamy shifts in MLB's geographical footprint. A year ago it was Monterrey, Mexico that seemed, to him at least, to make a whole lot of sense -- a team that could capture the lion's share of Mexico's TV market in a city not too far away from the continental United States, he theorized.

Today, it's places a little closer to home.

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Tulo Seriously Didn't Like Being Traded To Toronto, But With Josh Donaldson's Awesome Help Seems Real OK Now

Andrew Stoeten
February 29 2016 10:58AM

Tulo and Donaldson
Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

"This is the big-boy league! This isn’t facing the Phillies at Coors Field!"

Those words were awesomely, encouragingly yelled at Troy Tulowitzki last season by Josh Donaldson -- an initiation into the world of the Blue Jays, which even still not yet through his first year, Donaldson was a hugely prominent part of, evidently -- who seems like the key figure in helping his new, immensely talented teammate feel at home. Literally.

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Video: Behind The Scenes With The Blue Jays On Picture Day

Andrew Stoeten
February 28 2016 10:41AM


Holy. If you're a follower of @BlueJays on Twitter, you've been subjected to some serious content ever since the club arrived officially in Dunedin -- some of it their own, some of it created by others and not credited (the same photo mentioned by John Lott here shows up uncredited in the Jays' stream, too *COUGH*).

Saturday was no different, except in that it was photo day for the club, and they've put a short clip together showing off some of what it's like behind the scenes as...um... the players get their pictures taken.

It's more entertaining than that makes it sound! (*Josh Donaldson at his Owen Wilson-y best alert*)

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