Gibbons Will Look To Pillar Or Saunders To Lead-Off (I'll Look For An Air Sickness Bag)

Andrew Stoeten
February 26 2016 03:08PM

Kevin Pillar
Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays will score a load of runs in 2016 no matter which player ends up taking regular turns in the lead-off spot, so in a way it's a little bit pointless to get too worked up about who that hitter would be.

And yet when John Gibbons says, as he did on Friday afternoon, that the guys he's considering for the spot are Michael Saunders and Kevin Pillar, I still find that I kinda puke in my mouth a little bit.

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Edwin Talks Contract, Seems Rather Reasonable

Andrew Stoeten
February 26 2016 10:42AM

Edwin Encarnacion
Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy for fans to act like they know what makes a player on their favourite team tick, but it's usually pretty cringe-worthy when they do so. We see these guys through the filter of the media, the filter of how they want to relate to the media, and mostly silently on TV or at the ballpark for really only seconds at a time. We really have no idea which player on a team might be, say, a totally chill dude genuinely happy with where he is, or a fiercely intelligent ego-driven lover of drama. *COUGH*

That said, it sure seems a whole lot like Jose Bautista is the sort of guy who gets a rise out of being in the hurricane's eye, and that Edwin Encarnacion maybe just wants to lay back in the sun, floating along through calm seas.

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The Daily Duce: Thursday, February 25th

Andrew Stoeten
February 25 2016 01:54PM



Before we get started, an announcement for those of you who have been searching for the RSS feed for the new site, which is... here's the RSS feed for the new site. Happy RSS-ing!

Mark Shapiro addressed members of the media today, and though he (naturally) didn't offer much on the Jose Bautista situation, he sure did throw down a bit of a gauntlet with respect to the club's relationship with Dunedin. "There are realities that may be charming about our situation but charm is not going to bring wins," he said (not wrongly) according to a tweet from Ken Fidlin. "We need a 365-day home for rehab and training that is state of the art that is a potential competitive advantage," he adds. Not quite talking about the same thing, but feels kiiiiind of like a departure from how high he seemed on, at the very least, the location last month.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star writes about the Jays willingness to go elsewhere, and tells us that Mark Shapiro admitted to having had "very preliminary" talks with the Braves about potentially sharing a new site -- a possibility I ruminated on last week.

In a clip at Sportsnet, Jeff Passan of Yahoo! discusses with Jeff Blair the fact that the Blue Jays made Jon Lester, who eventually signed with the Cubs, a five-year, $125-million offer last winter -- which at the time was the highest offer he had on the table (at least in terms of average annual value). This, it seems, would have been in lieu of signing Russell Martin, had it happened. And because they didn't break "the policy" of offering more than five years (and didn't guarantee him more than $155-million he eventually got from Chicago, for six years) they obviously didn't get him. Nice try, though, I guess.

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Jays Add Outfielder Domonic Brown On A Minor League Deal

Andrew Stoeten
February 25 2016 11:06AM

Domonic Brown
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Somebody tell Howard Eskin, because yes, that Dom Brown. They didn't even have to trade Jose Bautista to get him! *COUGH*

The former Phillies outfielder, and once-powerful lefty bat -- who was once the supposed centrepiece in the aforementioned horseshit Jose Bautista trade rumour (back when the Jerry Howarths of the world were trying to run Bautista out of town) -- has agreed to a minor league deal with the Jays that includes an invite to spring training.

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Aaron Sanchez Does Indeed Look Bigger

Andrew Stoeten
February 25 2016 09:03AM


Apparently Aaron Sanchez was in Toronto about ten days ago (should I remember this?), and there was quite a bit more of him than when last we saw him.

Still hasn't found a pair of socks, though, apparently. Put on some damn socks, Aaron!

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