VIDEO x 2: Josh Donaldson Plays MLB The Show 16, Visits The Weather Channel

Andrew Stoeten
March 23 2016 01:07AM

Josh Donaldson
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Donaldson here, in video form, giving you a friendly reminder, a) to stop listening to Edwin Encarnacion’s agent already and hope that gets him to quit negotiating in public , and b) that Josh Donaldson is awesome.

Droppin’ tates, that’s what we do.

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Roberto Osuna Would Prefer To Stay A Reliever Long-Term

Andrew Stoeten
March 22 2016 03:35PM

Roberto Osuna
Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

"If I would have the choice, I would stay in the bullpen," says Roberto Osuna in a amazing, revealing piece on the Jays youngster from John Lott at Vice Sports . "Especially next year when we won't have probably Storen or Cecil, so I probably have the chance to be the closer. I would take the closer over starter."

Now, I’m not so sure that Cecil (and, to a lesser extent, Storen) is so likely to be gone after this season, but more importantly: could somebody remind Osuna the difference in earnings between starters and relievers!

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Blair: Expect The Blue Jays To Stay In Dunedin

Andrew Stoeten
March 22 2016 01:45PM

Welcome to Dunedin
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I can’t fault the editors at Sportsnet for going with the sexy angle in giving a title to Jeff Blair’s latest, Unless Bautista, Encarnacion lower their demands they’re gone after 2016, but that’s hardly all that his post was about.

For me the most important bit came at the very end, after Blair ran through the Jose and Edwin stuff, a bit on how Troy Tulowitzki might be really, really good (hint: he is), a section on scouts struggling with the notion of sending Aaron Sanchez to the bullpen (because they’re so utterly enamored with his stuff), and how the Jays’ backup catcher situation (and organizational depth) is still… not good.

It was after all that (but before an interesting nugget about the current Ken Williams fiasco in Chicago and the Jays’ interest in him last winter) that he tells us not to worry so much about the club’s future in Dunedin. “It would be a major shock if a deal isn’t struck before the end of the regular season,” he says.

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Josh Donaldson Speaks Candidly About Domestic Violence

Stacey May Fowles
March 22 2016 11:38AM

Josh Donaldson
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Late last night, The Toronto Star released a one-on-one interview reporter Rosie DiManno did with Blue Jays’ third basemen Josh Donaldson. In many ways, the existence of the interview in itself is a revelation, referring to the fraught, abusive environment Donaldson grew up in, and discussing, in his own words, the domestic abuse he witnessed as a child. It has long been public knowledge that Donaldson’s father served fifteen years in prison for crimes committed against Donaldson’s mother (and others,) but to my knowledge this is the first time the American League MVP has spoken so frankly to the media about his own experience as it relates to recent changes to how the MLB approaches domestic violence. (Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman recently became the first player to be disciplined under the new policy, suspended for thirty games after allegedly choking his girlfriend and admitting to firing eight gunshots.)

“These are grown men on the field here,” Donaldson tells DiManno during the interview. “Domestic violence is a numbers game, right? There’s going to be one or two people, just by pure numbers, who are involved in that kind of thing. It’s everywhere, in every profession. The more that we can get ahead of this, the more educated people will be, and hopefully that makes everyone think.”

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Spring Threat: Jays @ Tigers

Andrew Stoeten
March 22 2016 11:19AM

Daniel Norris
Photo Credit: Instagram

The Jays take on the Detroit Tigers today in Lakeland and... seriously, how can all of the spring games not be televised in the year 2016? What is this nonsense!

Also, we get to meet up with our old friend Daniel Norris, who it's great to see back out on the mound after his cancer scare last fall.


Yeah, I got nothing. Let's hope Drew Hutchison can't say the same and manages to complicate the Jays' fifth starter spot even more!

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