Daily Duce: Tuesday, February 14th

Andrew Stoeten
February 14 2017 05:15PM



The Wayback Machine is the only place you can still find old DJF posts -- which you totally sometimes want to, like today! The Zubes' Blue Jays Valentine's cards, ca. 2013, are a little slice of magic nostalgia. Two digs at Edwin! A reminder, via Gregg Zaun, of what a different social media world it was even back in 2013! And, of course, the Zubes is hilarious, as always.

Speaking of old times, the outstanding Jonah Birenbaum of some website (OK, it's theScore) has a rather uplifting look at the Blue Jays and the 2017 season they're about to embark on. These birds aren't endangered yet!

This is pretty fun stuff right here, even if it means watching some of your favourite Blue Jays (rightly) shit on some sacred CanCon cows: from CBC Music it's Marcus Stroman and Ryan Goins playing "Jam or Not a Jam". 

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Gibbons Speaks: On Left Field, First Base, Salty, His Contract, and More!

Andrew Stoeten
February 14 2017 02:24PM

John Gibbons
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

John Gibbons had a brief scrum with reporters today in Dunedin, as you can see in a video over at TSN.ca. And though there was hardly anything too earth-shattering that was said -- he reminded reporters that training camp hasn't even officially started yet, so it's a bit early for... everything -- there were still a few sound bytes worth examining. 

To wit:

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Marcus Stroman Wins His Arbitration Case

Andrew Stoeten
February 14 2017 12:13PM

Marcus Stroman
Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet from Jon Heyman, Marcus Stroman has come out victorious in his arbitration case with the Blue Jays, and will make $3.4 million in 2017, instead of the $3.1 million the Jays had filed at.

Cue utter fucking nitwits who don't understand how the arbitration process works, or are simply dying to find a reason to shit down the throats of the Jays' front office, no matter how ridiculous the reason!

Though, to be fair, the vast, vast majority of people seem to understand perfectly well that these are exactly the kind of numbers teams and players go to arbitration over, and that nobody is being especially cheap or classless or dangerous. The arbitration process ain't what it used to be.

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A Look At the Jays' 1979 Spring Training Rules, And Their 2017 Spring TV Schedule

Andrew Stoeten
February 14 2017 11:22AM

Spring Training has arrived! Pitchers and catchers are reporting! Reporters are... uh... reporting! The smell of the grass and the sound of bats cracking and all that.

Even a cynical fuckface like myself can't deny that it's a pretty great day when Spring Training begins, even though tomorrow we'll realize what a slog we're in for before the games actually start to matter. The idea of perfectly mowed, green grass filling up the screens on my TV and my computer for the next few weeks seems a little bit perfect right now.

As perfect as the tweet above? No, I don't think anything could quite be that perfect.

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Daily Duce: Monday, February 13th

Andrew Stoeten
February 13 2017 04:12PM



Baseball Prospectus has released its top 101 prospects list for 2017, and there's a surprise on it for Jays fans! Or... actually... there's a surprise not on it, as Vladimir Guerrero Jr. didn't make the list. The two Blue Jays that did: Sean Reid-Foley at 85, and Anthony Alford at 93.

Way on the other side of the Vlad love spectrum is Baseball America, as they released their top 100 list this week, and Guerrero is wayyyyyyy up at number twenty. Now that's what I'm talking about! BA also has Alford, Lourdes Guerriel, Reid-Foley, and Rowdy Tellez in the top 100. Slightly polarizing system at the top, ain't it?

Elsewhere at BA, Ben Badler lists a bunch of breakout candidates at different spots on the diamond and at different levels of the minors, and for his lower level third base breakout candidate he chooses intergalactic bounty hunter Bo Bichette (who is still technically a shortstop, but who Badler figures will end up sliding over to third ultimately). "Bichette has the offensive firepower to skyrocket up lists next year," he says.

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