Ezequiel Carrera Posts An Intriguing Instagram Video Thanking the Blue Jays

Andrew Stoeten
January 26 2017 01:58PM


Who says that early December is the only time we go wild over the smallest bit of potential trade innuendo? Bullshit season's fiercest storms may have already passed, but looks like we've got a gnarly little one on the horizon!

That's because Ezequiel Carrera -- who may just genuinely be proud and thankful of his time with the Jays, and not provoked by anything (or provoked by the good vibes on his time on the club's recently concluded Winter Tour) -- has posted an Instagram video. And not just any Instagram video, one captioned "Thank you @BlueJays," that features pics of him in the uniform and with his teammates set to an emotional score.

To wit:

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McCown: Ownership "Insisted" On the Bautista Signing

Andrew Stoeten
January 25 2017 02:59PM

Massive grain of salt time here, but there was a somewhat interesting comment that Fan 590 host Bob McCown -- aka good friend of Paul Beeston, Bob McCown *COUGH* -- made in the four o'clock hour of his show on Tuesday that I think is worth exploring.

Speaking on the Jays' offseason, which he is not particularly fond of, he laid this on us:

I am led to believe that they didn't even want to get Bautista -- it was ownership that insisted because they were afraid that there would be a rebellion among the fans. People would stop going, people would stop watching.

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Aaron Sanchez Will Be On the Canadian Cover of MLB The Show '17

Andrew Stoeten
January 25 2017 12:52PM


Well here's something notable, though I don't really have a whole lot to say about it: according to Sony's official Playstation blog, Aaron Sanchez will follow in the grand tradition of Brett Lawrie (and Josh Donaldson, and Jose Bautista -- I'm pretty sure, though I can assure you I don't remember), and will have his likeness featured in the cover art on the latest edition of MLB The Show.

Y'know, as you can see above.

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Exclusive Audio: "Buck Martinez" Practices Saying "Saltalamacchia"

Andrew Stoeten
January 24 2017 05:42PM

The Blue Jays have themselves a new backup catcher (sorry, A.J. Jimenez fans), and it's the guy with the really long name. Jarrod Saltalamacchia!



However it's spelled, it's not just us writer-y folks who are going to have trouble with this one. It will be the bane of jersey-makers, too. And poor ol' Buck Martinez, who just this offseason was finally relieved of having to pronounce "Encarnacion" four times a day all summer.

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Jays Sign Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia to a Minor League Deal

Andrew Stoeten
January 24 2017 04:26PM

Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Now here's a deal that makes a whole lot of sense: according to most of the internet (though Shi Davidi had it first at Sportsnet), the Jays and catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia have come to an agreement. We have a backup catcher!

Ken Rosenthal tweets that the deal will pay Satalalallamacchhialala $1.25 million if he's in the big leagues, with potentially $250,000 more that could come by way of incentives.

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