Birds All Day Podcast – Episode 49

Birds All Day

Alright! It’s episode 49 of Birds All Day! Featuring Jay Bruce’s near trade, Jose Bautista’s demands, a Jon Lester rumour, a look into the future, and so much more!

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Optical Sounds, my dumb old band, and Your 33 Black Angels.

  • Psmithy

    Jays could have just signed Austin Jackson and not picked up Saunders…. LF covered although not providing the normal pop for a LF. He’s more or less Ben Revere with slg, with a lower BA, but more OBP.

    And you would have a fantastic defense in both the infield and outfield.

    • Steve-O

      He’s more or less Ben Revere with slg, with a lower BA, but more OBP.

      Ben Revere (2014-2015)
      .306/.333/.369 OPS:.702

      Austin Jackson (2014-2015)
      .261/.310/.364 OPS:.674

      Austin’s career OBP is wildly inflated due to a .377 (!) he posted in 2012.

      With that tepid OPS, he’s not a viable LF option for anyone.

  • AJ, Breakfast Army Fan

    Soundcloud isn’t loading for me. The site has also been freezing up (not responding) on my Surface Pro 3 as well. The page actually had to refresh in the middle of me typing this. Had to type in MS Word. Not sure if it’s the site or it’s on my end but I hardly ever ran into problems on the old site.

  • fastball

    Eric Thames in the outfield?
    Like they said, have you seen him lately? Looks like he not only lives in the gym…he’s EATEN it! Massive shoulders and arms like cannons.
    Great for a first baseman, maybe…