Birds All Day Podcast – Episode 50

Birds All Day

Alright! It’s episode 50 of Birds All Day! Featuring Kevin Pillar at lead-off, Aaron Loup’s strained forearm, Edwin Encarnacion’s contract, Aaron Sanchez’s role, and so much more!

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  • Psmithy

    Now let me quantify it as I don’t think he should hit leadoff but Stoeten stop spewing Donald Drumpf type garbage re pillar. He was were the most WAR from jays hitters from September to October and was worth a 137 WRC+

    he was not anywhere close to the jays best hitters but he was not hot garbage over that stretch. For piss sake get your facts straight than manipulate as you can….

      • Steve-O

        In fairness, Pillar did put up a .333/.368/.505 slash line (114 PAs) from Sept 1st to Oct. 3rd, so he’s not technically wrong.

        But I’d point it was fueled by a .360 BABIP and it’s a pretty arbitrary stretch of time.

        Bottom line, he needs to show he can get on base at an above MLB-average rate. I don’t give a fk how he does it, but if he can do it, I can live with him hitting at the top of the order.

        It’s a big but, though.

        Sir Mix-A-Lot would be enthralled with that but, it’s so big.

        • Philbert

          In typical Pillar fashion, that September slash line is balanced out by his .240/.283/.320 in August.

          There are definitely reasons to believe Pillar may be able to improve, but until he shows that he can get on base consistently, he definitely shouldn’t be in the lead off spot.

    • anyone can cherry-pick point-in-time stats; the counter to pillar’s sept would be his slash from earlier in the year (i can’t remember if it was may or june, or may thru june), which was really, really, really bad. much like that period doesn’t represent him in totality, neither does his sept.

      and no one’s really arguing against pillar as an everyday player, just that of all the possible options to lead-off, he’d probably be among the worst.

      • muleorastromule

        I don’t agree with batting Pillar lead off because of his low obp but it may be the best spot to put him to maximize his potential.

        He’s going to see a lot of fastballs as no pitcher wants to walk the guy ahead of Donaldson/Bautista/Encarnacion. Since Pillar has never seen a pitch he doesn’t want to swing at this should work in his favor.

        Since optimal lineups really only give you a few extra runs a year it’s nothing to really get worked up over either way though.

        • Steve-O

          “He’s going to see a lot of fastballs as no pitcher wants to walk the guy ahead of Donaldson/Bautista/Encarnacion. Since Pillar has never seen a pitch he doesn’t want to swing at this should work in his favor.”

          Not picking on you, but I see this argument a lot and I don’t get it.

          If Pillar’s “never seen a pitch he doesn’t want to swing at” (and I agree!), and we can safely assume the other teams know this, wouldn’t you think that pitchers will throw pitches off the plate and let him flail at them?

          You only worry about walking a guy if he’s shown the ability to take one.

          • muleorastromule

            That’s a fair point and I guess it comes down to if pitchers pitch more to the batter or to the situation (and to what degree) which is something I’m completely ignorant about.

    • You understand that WAR has a defensive component, right?

      You understand that his high wRC+ months are completely tied to his high BABIP months, right?

      You understand that he was worse in the second half than in the first, right?

      You understand that having some kind of non-zero value as a hitter doesn’t automatically make you a good candidate to be asked to get on base in front of guys like Donaldson and Bautista, right?

      If you don’t put someone ahead of them who can get on base better, you are giving up a whole bunch of runs. Here’s an idea: don’t give up a whole bunch of runs.

  • Dabbles

    Nice Tulo and Donny and Martin and Pillar on TV! what a time to be alive

    1. Pee-lar
    2. Donny
    3. Tulo
    4. Martin
    5. Smock
    6. Brown
    7. Dominguez
    8. Pompey
    9. Goins

  • Psmithy

    I seriously wonder if you folks read. The very first thing I wrote “I don’t think he should hit lead-off”…. Now let me quantify that as if you listen to the podcast which I think a bunch of you didn’t Stoeten says “Pillar was terrible over the month of September ” full stop. I argued he wasn’t as he had a slash line of .333/.368/.505 with a 137 WRC+. Which is by far not a good season.

    Basically Drew calls Stoeten on a stawman for his comments on Pillar where Stoeten says everyone seems to want Pillar to lead off. I am calling Stoeten for a straw man argument of he was garbage in September.

    You folks seem to like to jump on me thinking he should be lead off. But if you re read his stat line for the month of September and October Stoeten justification that he should not be lead off based on his September is flawed. I am just calling out the reasoning that he should not be lead off based on September.