Jose Bautista Addresses Gossage Again And It’s Too Good To Not Share

Jose Bautista
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I assure you that I want to let this dumb Goose Gossage thing go as much as you do. Or… OK, as someone who makes a living shoveling content, maybe I want to a little less than you do. But I’m pretty done with it!

Or at least I would be, had Jose Bautista not thrown some more tremendous above-the-fray shade today. Because I really can’t not pass it on.

Speaking to Marly Rivera of, Bautista continued to say he was surprised by the remarks, while making sure to assert his intellectual superiority as he patted the old man on the head.

“I just found them to be unnecessary. I have tried to analyze it, in every way that my creativity allows me to, and I find no scenario where he would have something positive to gain from it…but he must have his reasons. Many people feel bad or offended or humiliated by such comments, but playing baseball is a great learning experience and one of the many things I have learned is to leave by the wayside unnecessary comments and things that make no sense, therefore it is easy for me not to engage in any conflict in this case. A lot of baseball players nowadays are a little more connected with their emotions, and that is our style, we understand and respect that once upon a time it was different, but we live in the now.”

LOL! I love it.

I don’t have anything particularly pithy or insightful to add to it, mind you. I just love it. He’s being perfectly reasonable and polite here, and yet owning him so hard.

It’s almost like for some reason — and gee, I can’t imagine what that possibly could be! — Goose severely underestimated who he was calling a disgrace.

Kudos to Bautista for his well played restraint. Jose for President!

And, of course, the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg tweets that back in the 70s, Gossage defended his teammate Reggie Jackson by telling reporters, “If everybody was like me, this game would be boring.” So… just when you thought this whole thing couldn’t get dumber.

  • Paul M

    Wow. Rekt!! Amazing mic drop at the end.

    I love Joey.

    It’s especially amazing that this nonsense came from a guy who was on the Bronx Zoo Yankees. As if that club was nothing but library-quiet, mild-mannered restraint. Except to birthday cakes, of course.

  • b4 the windup

    Gossage was on Blundell this morning. You didn’t miss much if you didn’t hear it but once again, just like everyone else I’ve heard who trashed the bat-flip, it seemed obvious that he could NOT have seen the inning — the incredible, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime inning — that led up to the bat-flip moment. So, no context. More than that though, the way Gossage disparaged (more than once) Jose flipping the bat into the dugout (?!) it was pretty clear that he didn’t even see the bat-flip. Or, he saw it once on the news or something and then just old-man-imagined whatever else he might’ve wanted to see to justify … his rage. I guess. And his trashing of Bautista and ‘all those guys in Toronto’.

    I didn’t listen to the end because it was nauseating and I’d had enough but up to where I did listen, Blundell was weak and bland on the whole thing. Was sorry I hung around to listen.

  • Earl Stroman's Right Pectoral

    Picture this:

    We have an inter-league game with the Mets and Gossage is in the stands. Bauts and Cespedes know where he is sitting (hopefully around the 100 LF foul area). Both hitters have multiple 10+ pitch at bats to hit screamers towards that jack-ass. Even the Latin pitchers and relievers are pitching to them to a location that they can pull it towards his direction.

  • lil eddie

    Andrew Stoeten Retweeted
    Kristi Colleen ‏@KristiColleen 1h1 hour ago
    If you had a time machine, would you go back in time and kill baby Trump?

    really andrew? hate breeds hate brother. antidentite.

  • MikeB

    Jose totally Ferris Bueller’ed (or, Abe Froman’ed) Gossage:

    Snooty Maitre D’: I appreciate your understanding.

    Ferris: Don’t think twice. It’s understanding that makes it possible for people like us to tolerate a person like yourself.

    Maitre D’: Thank you.

    Ferris: Don’t mention it.