Troy Tulowitzki Hit In The Hand, Removed From Today’s Game (Updated)

Troy Tulowitzki
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

 I can’t tell you much more about this one just yet than what the title says, but to recap: Troy Tulowitzki was removed from today’s game in Dunedin against the Mets after taking a Bartolo Colon pitch to his right hand.

We’re still waiting on word from the Blue Jays, but obviously we’re all aware of the sort of terrible luck that Tulo has had in his career when it comes to injuries — and how vitally important he is to the 2016 Blue Jays (not to mention, if you want to get real wild-thinking about it, the legacy of the 2015 run and Alex Anthopoulos) — so… this is a thing that’s certainly gets one’s attention.

Colon sits 88-91 these days, so it’s not like he still has the heat that he used to bring. But if hit in the right place, that can certainly break a bone — not that anybody should be talking about anything like that just yet.

All I know is what I heard on the radio broadcast of the game, and from that, it really didn’t seem too bad.

But what does that mean?

Scott MacArthur tweets some serious sense, saying that while he’s no doctor, and isn’t in Dunedin, in spring training, if you get hit on the hand, why keep playing that day?

John Lott’s outstanding Flickr page gives us a terrific reaction shot of Tulo after the plunking.

There will certainly be an update as soon as we know his status, and I’ll update this post when that happens.


The Jays have announced that the x-rays on Tulo’s hand came back negative (which is positive!), but that he has a bone bruise to the first and second knuckles of his right hand. He is now considered day-to-day.

That’s better than a break, but having him miss any time isn’t great. Better that it happens at this point in the season than just about any other, at least.

Tulo is going to be back to vintage Tulo this year, can’t you feel it? (And no, I don’t mean that as in he’s going to get hurt all the time. Although…)