What The Hell Is This Giant Josh Donaldson Bobblehead???

Josh Donaldson giant bobblehead
Photo Credit: @SInow

On Sunday the Blue Jays will give away 20,000 Josh Donaldson bobbleheads, but there’s only one that’s going to haunt your dreams.

That right there is a life-sized Donaldson bobblehead, and if this is a sign that the Blue Jays, in this new era of theirs, are full-on embracing kitsch, then sign me up! Just… y’know… please take that fucking thing away from me!

To get a sense of scale, check out the Vine the Jays sent out of to promote the giving away of it’s small scale doppelganger. Note: 

Of course, the real Donaldson is no stranger to the utterly bizarre, apparently, after he had a smash from Joey Rickard slip right through the webbing of his glove — a play you can see in a clip at MLB.com, but that I think you get the essence of in this screengrab from Deadspin (which is to say… I don’t want to embed the clip from MLB’s terrible video player):


Spooky stuff.