Whoa, A Lot Of Things Happened On Friday. Here’s What Happened!

Blue Jays infielders
Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Colabello was suspended for PEDs(1)
Troy Tulowitzki and Michael Saunders sat out injured(2)
Russell Martin left the game injured(3)
Aaron Sanchez was bad(4)
Chad Girodo was deece(5)
The Jays missed a huge opportunity in the 6th(6)
The less good part of the lineup comes through!(7)
Roberto Osuna intentionally walked Coco Crisp???(8)
The Jays signed Michael Bourn to a minor league deal(9)
We learned Drew Hutchison will spot start on Sunday(10)

  1. We’ve already talked about this here, but would you like to talk about the reaction, and then the reaction to the reaction, and then the backlash to the reaction to the reaction? Me either.

  2. Who had April 22nd in the pool?

  3. Sounds not too bad. And he hit a double in the game, to boot.

  4. Aaron kept the walks down, but not the ball. Also… um… he’s now faced 64 left-handed batters this season, compared to 37 right-handers, as teams are loading up on lefties against him. And why wouldn’t they? Lefties are now up to a .250/.344/.464 line against him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you this might end in tears.

  5. Definitely not mentioning a not-horrific debut from a wholly fungible middle reliever here for lack of much else positive to note! *COUGH*

  6. Bases loaded, none out, Bautista up. One run. Fuck off! Should have won this one!

  7. OK, maybe Edwin started the whole thing, but whichever way, that two-out rally that culminated in Kevin Pillar’s two-run bases loaded single? Nails.

  8. My friend and I agreed that John Gibbons putting Crisp — Coco Crisp!! — on to have Osuna face Khris Davis instead was a move that would make sense enough, so long as it actually worked. It didn’t. So I’m with the GROFs of the world, when he tweets: “I don’t care how bad Davis is, trust your closer and best reliever to get Coco freaking Crisp out in a one-run game.”

  9. Can’t hurt, and at least it’s for less than the last time Shapiro signed him. HEYO!

  10. What could possibly go wrong?

  • It should go without saying that a deep breath and a look out at the vast expanse of schedule ahead is a much more sensible way to deal with what’s often been a tough-to-watch beginning to this season than, say, freaking out about it, right? I’ll say it anyway, but seriously!

  • I tweeted something on Friday night that I kinda liked: Responding to one of those fans who just can’t stand being told that “it’s early” because in the end these games matter, too, I explained that “it’s early” isn’t about games not mattering, it’s about trends not mattering. They’re going to lose a lot, because every team does, but in the big picture, it’s still hard to not be confident that they’ll get it sorted out. As long as, y’know, Tulo and Saunders and Martin get healthy (and two of them get their damn bats going already) and Sanchez figures out how to get lefties out and the bullpen loses its tendency to sometimes be a little too much of a damn mess. *COUGH*
  • Sandman

    Right now there are a lot of uncertainties about this team….and the same is true of every other team in the AL East.

    GMs often say they take until the holiday weekend in May to figure out just what they have and what they need. Until at least then, we should not be pushing any panic buttons either.

  • b4 the windup

    During the spring, I heard an interview with Colabello that stayed with me. He sounded sort of emotionally on-the-edge, which felt out of context compared to what I’d imagine he *should* be feeling right then. It didn’t make sense. Then watching him at the plate, it was like a continuation of that interview that I’d heard. Something was out of whack.

    Now that we know, of course, well … of course. But it also explains why the team itself has seemed a bit out of whack. Not that April itself is often not a funny month of baseball. Rarely, it seems to me, does the month of April give indicators that can be counted on to project which way the wind will blow for the next five months. But this gloomy affair at least gives this first month of so-so baseball some context. If one or two others on the team knew, after all, it’s likely they all knew.

    So now it’s done. It shouldn’t be a surprise if it takes some days, some games for the team’s equilibrium to settle. But it will. Settle, that is. By middle of May, early June, this thing with Chris will be much more in-the-past and all things equal, fingers crossed, we’ll all be enjoying top-notch Blue Jays baseball again. Seems more likely than not to me, anyway. Go Jays.