Check out these outstanding Tom Szczerbowski photos of last night’s walk-off Blue Jays win

Photographers are the unsung heroes of content. That is, of course, just a soft way of saying that their work is crucial to this extremely visual medium — imagine what the internet would look like if you or me were responsible for the photos! — and they just don’t get the credit they deserve. That is, if they get credit at all and don’t just simply have their work ripped off. 

Do most Jays fans know who Tom Szczerbowski is? I do, because part of how I make my living is by pulling images from archives like USA Today’s or the one at Getty Images, where Tom’s work at Jays games regularly appears. But I’d wager awfully heavily that the vast, vast majority of fans do not.

It’s a shame, because we see his work (and the work of his colleagues) almost every single day, and it’s really terrific. But fortunately, there are times when the volume of terrific shots from a particular game is so great that it lends itself perfectly to being showcased. Last night’s game was one of those.

Check out all these great shots from the Jays’ walk-off win over the Rangers…

Amazing stuff! Check out Szczerbowski’s Getty Images page for countless outstanding Jays shots.

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