Does this Blue Jays hat have Donald Trump’s hair???

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Have the Toronto Blue Jays, for the second time in 2016, released a hat — or had one released for them, at least — that inadvertently — or “inadvertently” — evokes something entirely different and hilarious?

I’m gonna go ahead and say… maybe?

Here’s some background: Minor Leaguer, of Bluebird Banter, tweeted out a couple of shots from New Era on Thursday afternoon; one that shows the various special hats that the Jays will be wearing over the course of the season, including a Mother’s Day issue that has an all-pink logo, and another of Marcus Stroman in a New Era ad wearing the cap you see above. The question was raised: why is Stroman’s Mother’s Day hat half pink and half grey?

Then an even better question was raised by Minor Leaguer’s BBB colleague, Tom Dakers: “is it me or is the bird wearing Trump’s hair?”

I later, independently, arrived at the same question. Because… right????

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, though! Just like the St. Paddy’s day hat that totally looked like a pot leaf!

Jays St. Paddy's Day cap
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No, really, I’m sure it’s a coincidence. I just, y’know, really, really kinda hope it’s not.

You can buy Jays hats at New Era, probably.