Rougned Odor can continue f*cking right off

Rougned Odor and Dirk Nowitzki
Photo Credit: @Swish41

Look, I’m not going to say this isn’t an amazing troll move or get on my high horse with a diatribe about it being classless — I might want to rhetorically ask Rougned Odor how many ALCS games he played last year, however — but… like… fuck off, Rougie, and your hilariously ironic “RE2PECT” shirt.

Like, seriously.

That said, am I surprised that, in a market where one of the greatest pitchers of all time, Nolan Ryan, still gets asked to sign photos of his fight with Robin Ventura, Odor sees his punch as something to be milked for all it’s worth?


Am I surprised that Odor, who has a history of being a shit-heel, is laughing his way through his suspension like it has never once occurred to him that he might be trash?


But am I going to pass on the opportunity here to hurl a bunch of swears in the direction of the guy who Jose Bautista believes not only gave him a wholly unwarranted punch to the chops, but who first tried to intentionally hit him in the face with the relay throw (which there is some evidence to suggest is true)? You bet your damn hell ass I’m not!

So piss you, Odor! Fuck away to another place! Be less crappy!

Still a pretty funny picture though. But that’s entirely on Dirk.

Here’s the full tweet, for context:

  • TheRealJeffS

    There is now way that MLB will be ‘ok’ with this photo… right?

    I mean, Odor has been suspended from playing in actual MLB games because of his actions, and here he is comically playing them up for a ‘laugh’?

    Would it be acceptable for someone suspended for PED use to have a ‘gag’ photo of himself and another famous athlete jokingly poking each other with syringes…?

    • DAKINS

      You would think, but this is the same MLB that lowered Odor’s suspension for assaulting another player, while still giving Bautista his full suspension for a late slide, in which no actual contact with Odor was made.

  • Jays of Thunder

    Hard to think of a bigger likability gap between two athletes than those two.

    I wonder where making fun of the reason you received a major suspension falls for the unwritten rules crew.