Josh Donaldson on Intentional Talk is always worth a watch…

Josh Donaldson Bobblehead
Photo Credit: @SInow

… even if’s video player is terrible.

Say what you will about Kevin Millar — dear god, unless it’s “cowboy up!” — or Chris Rose, but when Donaldson’s IT, it’s pretty entertaining stuff.

This time that includes:

– Highlights of Donaldson’s previous appearances, including the time he made a putt live on air from his favourite golf course.

– A mention of glare off the bleachers at Rogers Centre that made his incredible bobbled play to throw out A-Rod last week even tougher than it looks (which… hey Mark, can we maybe do something about that?)

– Talk of hot moms and the giant bobblehead (which he wants to steal)

– Hair talk: “there’s a lot of party in the back right now,” and an admission that he’s thought of shaving his head — which he quickly counters, because he’s worked too hard for that hair.

– “I didn’t graduate from college, so I didn’t know we were supposed to give gifts!” when asked what he got Marcus Stroman when he graduated Duke.

– Photo day shenanigans, shirtless Millar, and more!

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