“Buck Martinez” on Josh Donaldson, Doritos

Did Josh Donaldson turn his season around by switching from sunflower seeds to Doritos???

That’s the theory posited by one John Albert “Buck” Martinez — or, more accurately, by “Buck Martinez” in a message left on my phone by my pal Jimmy (aka @JimmyByronMusic) that still has me cracking up whenever I hear it.

The Buck-isms are just so perfect.

Some of you may have heard this already, as I tweeted it a couple times a few weeks back, but I’ve been saving making a full post out of it for a slow day. And with apologies to the mysteries of Franklin Morales’s status, I think today most certainly counts!

Now enjoy the sweet sounds of summer on this off-day…

Buck Martinez Doritos

Yep. Still gets me. Bahahahahaha.