Hear This: Talkin’ Jays on AM 980 in London

Jays Toaster
It probably has a radio in it too, I dunno.

So it turns out that sometimes I go on the radio to talk about the Toronto Blue Jays, and sometimes I don’t even deem whatever it is that I said in doing so to be altogether terrible! That is, if you’re not counting the sound quality from what is a not-old-enough-to-be-shitty-yet iPhone 5s.

But other than that, today was one of those days, as I had a solid 15 minute chat about the Jays (and stupid A-Rod) with Craig Needles — aka @NeedlesOnNews — on AM 980 in London.

You can have a listen via Omnyapp.com, or in the player below!

Stoeten and Craig Needles on AM 980

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