Meh. Donaldson and Gibbons exchange words in the dugout


Oh, did Josh Donaldson smash a bat in frustration right near John Gibbons and then get a talking-to from his manager that got a little heated during this afternoon’s wait-is-this-an-afternoon-game?? game in the Bronx?

He sure did! Not that you would have noticed it if you were watching the Sportsnet telecast. YES cameras picked it up, though (Sportsnet has the video up on their site now, so you can put your little conspiracy theory away), and… um… yeah, it’s pretty much nothing.

To wit:

Just a little, “Hey, don’t smash your bat near me,” “OK, but I’m mad right now!” kind of thing. Certainly not as alarming as the tweet from YES’s Jack Curry that really got the drama fires burning.

As’s Alykhan Ravjiani noted, in his awesome appearance on MLB Network yesterday, Donaldson praised Gibbons. And today, after this incident, and after Donaldson came around to score and put the Jays up 4-2 in the fifth, the third baseman high-fived his manager after coming into the dugout.

So all seems swell, OK? No need for the mouth-breathing dimwit Gibbons haters to take issu– oh, wait, they already did? Well… that was probably going to happen anyway. I mean, unless it was Jose Bautista exchanging words with Gibbons, then it’d all be the player’s fault I’m sure. Or maybe not! Maybe these types of “fans” wouldn’t know what to think and their heads would explode from having to decide which loathsome stance to take.

We should be so lucky!

But actually right now we are pretty damned lucky. The Jays are up, they’re still basking in the afterglow of last night’s comeback, Melvin Upton is finally doing things! Now let’s just hope this next bit of Donaldson news is nothing, too:

Yikes. Here’s the play in question:

As the tweet says, Donaldson has left the game, but it doesn’t really look like it was necessarily anything too bad. Not that we can tell anything anyway from a clip like that.

Fingers crossed!