At half speed Wilner sounds almost as drunk as some of his callers

Mike Wilner
Image via Twitter

So this morning I was listening to last night’s Jays Talk on my phone, considering doing an Anatomy of a JaysTalk post, when at one point, instead of hitting the button to replay the previous 15 seconds, I accidentally hit the one that changes the speed of the clip (without changing the pitch). When you do this at first, it makes everything go faster. You then have to keep hitting the button to cycle around to get it back to normal speed. But then I fucked that up, too! I didn’t hit it quite enough times at first. And it was at that point that something magical happened.

Wilner at half speed!

Have you ever watched those “Drunk Jeff Goldblum” videos from his old iMac commercials? (If not, that’s nuts! Have you been in thinking jail???) Because… well… we’ve got a similarly delightful thing going on here, I think.

He almost slurs as much as shitfaced Pete from last night’s show, or me when I’m doing radio hits from the bar!

Have a listen:

I could find other, longer clips too, I’m sure. But where’s the fun in that? Now it’s up to you. Go forth and bring us your best Drunk Wilner!