Commemorate that time Rougned Odor couldn’t even punch a guy hard enough to knock him down with this dumb hat!


Hey guys, don’t mess with Texas or they’ll hit you so hard you… uh… well, you’ll be totally fine afterwards. But you’ll get quite the warning shot — and next time it might be someone who can actually throw a punch with a little power!

And, of course, by “messing” with us we mean beating us fair and square last October, but then enjoying it a little too much, and then not appreciating getting hit by a pitch by some clown who wasn’t even on the team back then! And then sliding in hard to second base on a double play ball, almost getting hit in the face by the throw.

Cool guys, you are, Texas fans!

Cooler still when you complain how it’s Blue Jays fans who keep bringing this incident up.

Hey, but sweet hat.

* * *

You can get your very own commemorative Rougie Odor Soft Punch hat at Amazon, if that’s really a thing you want to do. Do so and then burn it, maybe? Cross out the word “mess”? Or save it for when the Jays bounce the Rangers from the playoffs again next month? I dunno. But it comes in a bunch of colours, too! And these colours don’t run! They just time their weak-ass punch to so that it comes just before Adrian Beltre arrives to play peacemaker and save their weak-ass ass from reciprocation!

Crotch grab in the direction of @_LennyWalker for the link!