Stroman and Donaldson’s “squad goals” are pretty good


I’ll admit, I’m not suuuuuper into throwing any piece of marketing disguised as a cute video featuring Blue Jays players into a blog post. Why give away the milk for free when you want the advertisers to buy the cow, amiright?

That said… this clip from New Era is worth a watch, I guess. And also I’m in the middle of two posts in which I take giant dumps down peoples’ throats — people who deserve it, but still! — and figured a little bit of levity couldn’t hurt. Especially, y’know, since we’re now looking up at the goddamned Red Sox. (HAVE YOU HEARD??)

Funny story about that, actually. Except by “funny” I mean terrifying. And that is: the other day, when trying to calm the spittle-spewing masses I was looking up a bunch of second-half team stats that showed how the Jays were in perfectly good stead. What I maybe neglected to mention, because it wasn’t relevant to the point I was tying to make, is that those Red Sox — ho ho ho — are kiiiiinda killing it. As a team they’re first in position player WAR, wRC+, and pitching WAR since the break. So… y’know… buckle up.

And also enjoy these Blue Jays players being kooky for the sake of selling hats!

Not bad, eh? Though I must say, I’m pretty sure I have a better idea for a hat you should get.