They lost again

Dumb Rays
Photo credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is no fun.

The Jays continue to play fucking atrociously at a fucking atrocious time to be fucking atrocious, and now head to Anaheim clinging only to the second Wild Card spot. And while in other years that kind of position would have felt like a godsend at this point in the season, this year it’s not enough — especially with the fear that things may yet get worse.

That it’s a fear based in a whole lot of recency bias doesn’t change the feeling in the pit of anyone’s stomach. Nor does it matter right now that it’s absurd to think that the Jays are Bad and if the regular season lasted until October one could extrapolate from these last two weeks and get a reasonable approximation of what they’d do, as if the first 130-odd games of the season were a mirage.

But as much as it’s no fun, and dispiriting, and as much as reasonable people worry that we may be in the process of being robbed of a thrilling September (while trash fans so afraid of their own emotions and a possible future let-down rush for the exits, pissing and shitting on everything in sight in a desperate attempt to avoid any hint of loser-stink they don’t realize they’re already ripe with), it’s also not the end.

Not by a long shot.

This team was always going to have to fight to make it into the playoffs, and while they may be in the process of putting a little too fine a point on that notion for anybody’s taste, what exactly did you expect? Maybe not four straight series where they’ve played like dog shit and made people wonder what the hell about this team is real. But we know this team is better than that.

Or we think it probably is. Or we hope it is. Or… well… with Donaldson out (though hopeful of playing tomorrow) and Bautista not right and Estrada in a funk and Sanchez with a blister it’s not precisely what it was before this skid either. But it’s not this bad — it can’t be this bad. And it *can* — absolutely 100% it can — be good enough to start winning games again, and to get their feet back on solid ground, and to ready themselves for a huge end to the season.

That doesn’t mean that they will — yes, folks, they might miss the playoffs — but that was always the case.

At this point that’s really all I have to say. It’s all anyone should need to hear. Either you get it or you don’t.