Josh “Johnny High School” Donaldson and the Jays cruise over the Yankees, so here are some good tweets

Josh Donaldson
Photo credit: John E. Sokolowski USA TODAY-Sports

Troy Tulowitzki had a pair of two-RBI singles, and Jose Bautista had a key bases loaded double (after Girardi intentionally walked Edwin to get to him — because pissing off Jose always works, right?) to break the game open on Friday night, as the Jays crushed the Yankees 9-0, but it was reigning AL MVP Josh Donaldson who stole the show.

Thing is, it wasn’t necessarily he play of the field that did it — though Donaldson did make at least a couple of great defensive plays, and plated the Jays’ eighth and ninth runs of the night with an eighth inning home run — but largely his attire. Specifically his footwear.

Because… well… look at those damn things!

Let’s just say it was a fun night. To wit: