Blue Jays beat Orioles 5-1 to kick off crucial series on a winning note

Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista
Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t normally go with “portrait” style images on these posts, but bravo, Nick Turchiaro. That’s a photo right there. BECAUSE THE JAYS WON AND WE CAN BREATHE AGAIN!

Granted, Roberto Osuna made it a little bit scary at the end, but Aaron Sanchez put in an excellent six innings, the bullpen held, Josh Donaldson hit another home run, Zeke did things (!!!), the defence was outstanding, and the Jays remain, for now, on course to host the Wild Card play-in game next week.

The Jays now sit two games up on the Orioles, and by virtue of tonight’s win hold the tiebreaker over them, having clinched the season series between the two teams. The Jays hold the tiebreaker over Detroit as well — and the Tigers are still very much a factor, as they are, or will be by the end of the night, a game back of the O’s.

The worst place the Jays can find themselves in by the end of this series, then, is a game ahead of Detroit, and even with Baltimore, staring at three games against the Red Sox’ b-team, knowing that they just have to keep pace with the O’s in order to edge them with the tiebreak.

That’s a pretty good position! Y’know, all things considered.

More importantly, though:

I dunno. I’ve got nothing major to finger wag about here, just enjoying a much-needed win from this club. And I mean, every win on the front end of the remaining schedule makes the rest of the schedule that much easier.

Plus… don’t look now, but the Red Sox in the Bronx tonight. A couple more losses for them and a couple more wins for the Jays and those two teams will arrive at Fenway on Friday with the Jays still able to win the AL East with a sweep. Stranger things have 1987’d!