Weekend Wrap: Wild Card Edition


A dig into the numbers, performances, or whatever was fun and notable about the weekend of Toronto Blue Jays baseball, brought to you by Draft Kings — get your Daily Fantasy Sports on at Draft Kings!

I’ve basically said what I needed to about this weekend and the road ahead for the Toronto Blue Jays. John Lott has given us a tremendous game story from Sunday, and another from Saturday’s just-as-crucial victory, and I think we all probably know what happened and what it means. So we’ll go a different way with this Weekend Wrap and skip straight to all the links and the memes you need to soak in the fact that the Jays are once again — for just the second time in 23 years — a playoff time.

And, y’know, the fact that it all might be over by tomorrow night.

Hear this…

This week’s Birds All Day mini-episode turned into a full one, featuring both GROF and yours truly, thanks to the Jays clinching the top Wild Card spot. Have a listen!

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Optical Sounds, my dumb old band, and Your 33 Black Angels.

Worth a read…

At the Blue Jay Hunter, Ian has collected all kinds of GIFs from the Jays’ champagne celebration on Sunday in the clubhouse at Fenway.

John Lott has a terrific one over at Vice Sports, talking about the Blue Jays becoming Troy Tulowitzki’s team — an interesting idea given all the big personalities in that clubhouse, and all the potential leaders, but one that means they’re in very good hands.

At Sportsnet, Arden Zwelling was all over the Jays’ celebrations yesterday, and Shi Davidi looks at the big question as to who should start the Play-In game, Marcus Stroman or Francisco Liriano. (My answer below).

Fox Sports gives us five reasons to believe that the Blue Jays can win the World Series, and the thing is… they totally can!

Grant Brisbee of SB Nation ranks all 25 potential World Series matchups, and though the Jays don’t get into any highly ranked ones, it’s still a piece that’s well worth your time.

What do you meme?

Up next…

We all know what’s next, and we all know the deal: lose and they’re done, win and it’s an ALDS rematch with the dumb Rangers. OH MAN BRING IT.

Monday – Off

Tuesday vs. Baltimore, 8:08 PM ET – Wild Card Play-In game

Wednesday – Off

Thursday @ Texas, Time TBD

Friday @ Texas, Time TBD

Saturday – Off

Sunday vs. Texas, Time TBD

All of those games listed against the Rangers are, of course, dependent on winning the Wild Card game against the Orioles.

You’ll notice that the times are still to be determined. A note on that before you piss and moan: it’s US TV that determines who gets the choice start times, and with the other series’ featuring the Cubs, the Dodgers, and the Red Sox, and a potential Jays-Rangers series featuring a club from a home city that said TV networks have zero stake in, guess who’s getting the shit end of the stick? It’s not anti-Canadian or anti-Blue Jays; it’s just business. It will happen to Baltimore if they were to win, too, I’m sure. They know where their bread is buttered, and its in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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