Hear This: Wrapping Up the Winter Meetings On TSN 1260 Edmonton

Rogers Radio
I know it’s not a Rogers station, relax. Image KEVIN MA/St. Albert Gazette

I’ve been doing a bunch of radio hits this year and not making full blog posts out of them, mostly because I’m self-conscious about how bad I am it it a lot of times. Buuuuut also because my phone kinda sucks and so my sound quality is often less than ideal.

If you’re a listener to the podcast, you’ll know that I recently had an incident with a pool in Mexico that required me to get a new phone, so I had some hope that things would turn around for the better, but alas, it sure as hell doesn’t seem like it. Good job, Apple!

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Still, though, I felt I sounded enough like I knew what I was talking about on Wednesday night (despite a mixed metaphor about dominoes), as I essentially wrapped up the soon-to-be-ended Winter Meetings on TSN 1260 Edmonton’s Sports Night, with guest host Dan Tencer filling in for Dean Millard. 

My segment begins at the five minute mark in the clip below. You can also have a listen over at TSN 1260’s site, or head straight to the mp3 here.

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Tips on improving the quality of my signal are welcome, because any issue with that is 100% on my end! (I’m using the shitty iPhone headphone mic, which I’ve always found was better than the one on the actual handset, though maybe it’s time to try that again?).