Tulo Seriously Didn’t Like Being Traded To Toronto, But With Josh Donaldson’s Awesome Help Seems Real OK Now

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports “This is the big-boy league! This isn’t facing the Phillies at Coors Field!” Those words were awesomely, encouragingly yelled at Troy Tulowitzki last season by Josh Donaldson — an initiation into the world of the Blue Jays, which even still not yet through his first year, Donaldson was a hugely prominent…


Video: Behind The Scenes With The Blue Jays On Picture Day

Holy. If you’re a follower of @BlueJays on Twitter, you’ve been subjected to some serious content ever since the club arrived officially in Dunedin — some of it their own, some of it created by others and not credited (the same photo mentioned by John Lott here shows up uncredited in the Jays’ stream, too *COUGH*)….


Edwin Talks Contract, Seems Rather Reasonable

Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports It’s easy for fans to act like they know what makes a player on their favourite team tick, but it’s usually pretty cringe-worthy when they do so. We see these guys through the filter of the media, the filter of how they want to relate to the media, and…


The Daily Duce: Thursday, February 25th

Daily??!? Before we get started, an announcement for those of you who have been searching for the RSS feed for the new site, which is… here’s the RSS feed for the new site. Happy RSS-ing! Mark Shapiro addressed members of the media today, and though he (naturally) didn’t offer much on the Jose Bautista situation,…


Jays Add Outfielder Domonic Brown On A Minor League Deal

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports Somebody tell Howard Eskin, because yes, that Dom Brown. They didn’t even have to trade Jose Bautista to get him! *COUGH* The former Phillies outfielder, and once-powerful lefty bat — who was once the supposed centrepiece in the aforementioned horseshit Jose Bautista trade rumour (back when the Jerry Howarths of the world were…


Aaron Sanchez Does Indeed Look Bigger

Apparently Aaron Sanchez was in Toronto about ten days ago (should I remember this?), and there was quite a bit more of him than when last we saw him. Still hasn’t found a pair of socks, though, apparently. Put on some damn socks, Aaron!


Birds All Day Podcast – Episode 49

Alright! It’s episode 49 of Birds All Day! Featuring Jay Bruce’s near trade, Jose Bautista’s demands, a Jon Lester rumour, a look into the future, and so much more! And as always, this episode of the Birds All Day podcast is made possible by those who’ve chosen to support us through our Patreon campaign — an ingenious type of crowdfunding that…


Ross Atkins Had A Pointless Press Conference, Part Two: On Jay Bruce

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY Sports On Tuesday Ross Atkins held an utterly pointless press conference. Be sure to check out part one of my review, too! Though ostensibly it was called to “discuss” the Jose Bautista situation following the slugger’s very public pronouncement on Monday about his unwillingness to negotiate after having told the…


The Bat Flip Always Wins

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY Sports Are you familiar with the “If Young Metro don’t trust you…” meme? Well maybe you’ll want to get familiar, because I thiiiink it just reached its zenith — and it’s Jays related! Deadspin explains, quite simply, that the meme “is based on the very true idea that the beat drop…


More Than Five Years, More Than $150-Million

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports I could use not talking about this Jose Bautista contract stuff any longer, seeing as the only movement we’re going to see on it from the Jays’ side of things is, I’m now exceptionally certain, when they let him move on into free agency next fall. They’re definitely not going to trade…