Exclusive Audio: “Buck Martinez” Practices Saying “Saltalamacchia”

The Blue Jays have themselves a new backup catcher (sorry, A.J. Jimenez fans), and it’s the guy with the really long name. Jarrod Saltalamacchia!



However it’s spelled, it’s not just us writer-y folks who are going to have trouble with this one. It will be the bane of jersey-makers, too. And poor ol’ Buck Martinez, who just this offseason was finally relieved of having to pronounce “Encarnacion” four times a day all summer.

Ever the professional, it seems as though Buck has already been getting ready for these new demands of his job.

Or… OK, technically, it seems that “Buck Martinez” (aka my bud Jimmy, aka @JimmyByronMusic) — who we last heard lamenting outfield alligators and attributing Josh Donaldson’s success to Doritos — is the one who is on the ball here. 

But who could tell the difference?

Buck saying “Saltalamachhia”