Blue Jays Mail Bag: Pitch Framing, A Hard No On Doug Fister, And the State of Left Field

One of the things I got the biggest kick out of when I started blogging about Toronto Blue Jays baseball back around 2007 was taking the weekly mailbag that Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star was then doing, erasing all of his answers, then publishing my own—most of which called Griff’s readers “fucking morons” in some form or another.

Over the years I’ve become somewhat less of a jerk about people with terrible, wrong opinions on baseball, but that didn’t make my dips into the ol’ Griff Bag any less enjoyable or frequent. That is, until Griff stopped doing them.

The 2016 season didn’t feature a Griff Bag, and at some point I decided that I’d be damned if I was going to let 2017 go the same route. And so with the help of the fine folks here at VICE Sports, I’m carrying on the tradition (minus the bit about calling people morons… y’know, unless your questions are genuinely terrible).

If you have a Blue Jays question you’d like me to tackle for next week, send it to stoeten@gmail.com. Now, enjoy this first edition of our weekly Jays Mail Bag!