The Blue Jays Played a Game Today (Sort Of): Monday, March 13th

Hey, a Spring Training game! Uhh… again.

Today the Jays and… some other team.. played an approximation of baseball in the rain in… I want to say “Fort Myers.” The final score between the two sides was… something.

The Jays then cut… some guys.

It my thoughts!

  • I’ve already written about Devon Travis getting healthier, but something in the Arden Zwelling piece for Sportsnet that I was pivoting off of with that one also had to do with Josh Donaldson’s health, as the MVP is getting closer to a return himself, and says he’d be playing if this was the regular season.
  • Better still about Donaldson, this quote from trainer George Poulis: “Josh, he’s a real go-getter. He’s the guy who will tell us what to do instead of us telling him what to do. He’s the best—he’s the best.”
  • Aaaaand one more thing before I get to thoughts on the game: the Jays made a bunch of cuts following this one. A couple notable names, like Conner Sheene, speed skating legend Dan Jansen, Dwight Smith Jr., and the one I thought might have an actual chance to make the team at one point: Ryan Borucki. It’s probably best that the lefty tries to stay healthy and remains a starter in the minors, but it’s not inconceivable that we might see him at some point in the big league bullpen.
  • Hey, so baseball! Or, at the very least, baseball-ish! J.A. Happ pitched today, and he was fuckin’ humming along. The game was in the fourth inning by 1:45, I shit you not, and a whole lot of that was on Happ. He had a little wobble in the fourth inning, but was efficient and working quickly, allowing just three hits, no walks, and striking out one. I’ll take it. Your Opening Day starter, perhaps???
  • Mat Latos struck out two and walked one in two innings of work, giving up a home run to Rusney Castillo (who apparently still exists). Not sure about this Latos guy. I mean, he kinda sucks, but at least he’s also prone to total meltdowns on the hill and doesn’t have the same kind of velocity he used to. I’ll reserve judgment until I see him really try to let loose as a one-inning reliever, though.
  • Jason Grilli looked like late 2016 Jason Grilli, getting a strikeout but giving up a home run to the Justin Smoak of Greater Boston, Mitch Moreland. In fairness, Roberto Osuna has looked like late 2016 Roberto Osuna so far for Mexico, too, and Andrew Miller looked like late (late late late) 2016 Andrew Miller for the States in the WBC, too (because… didn’t he kinda run out of gas eventually against the Cubs? Or am I remembering that wrong? Didn’t Cleveland have a 3-1 lead that they blew?). Which is to say: it’s early. And also: Jason Grilli might scare me a little bit.
  • Rowdy Tellez made a play! I think. I seem to recall hearing something about this.
  • Can’t complain about a home run from Kendrys Morales. The expectation bar is set so low that he won’t be able to help but cross it!
  • Darrell Ceciliani did enough to make me jot down “are we overlooking Darrell Ceciliani?” I then wondered if I spelled his name right, so…
  • Melvin Upton did not do anything to make me jot down anything positive. So it goes.
  • Justin Smoak got on base. It was via the walk, but still! Hey, and apparently he’s going to ditch his all-or-nothing approach this year. Y’know. At age 30. Just going to… do it a whole other way. That’ll work, I’m sure.
  • Harold Ramirez sighting! Are we overlooking Harold Ramirez???? (Nah.)
  • Tulo is 0-for-the-spring so far, which is not a thing worth mentioning except as to not mention it. Huh?
  • Even this dumb Boston lineup would probably win some games. Ugh.
  • Mule or etc...

    If you squint hard enough Harold Ramirez could be the second coming of Shannon Stewart. Stocky right-handed outfielder with good contact and limited pop. Similar minor league numbers too. Ramirez has a .306/.364/.411 slash over 1445 PAs compared to Stewart’s .294/.385/.405 over 2209 PAs.

    Now will he be? Probably not but I’m finished work early today and I have to dream about something.