Hear This: Talkin’ Jays On TSN 1260 Edmonton

On Monday night I talked some Jays and some World Baseball Classic with Dean Millard on TSN 1260 in Edmonton — something I do from time to time, minus the World Baseball Classic bit.

I also made a photoshop I’m at least mildly chuffed about, despite it being a reference to a 40 year old record.

OH! And speaking of… uh… mild things, I think I referred to Dalton Pompey as having a “mild concussion,” or something like that, during the segment, which is not quite true. Pompey came up a bit dizzy after a slide into second base on Saturday, and is now in MLB’s concussion protocol (as much as one can be “in” a “protocol,” at least — perhaps he’s “on” concussion protocol? Is that better?).

Anyway, just wanted to clarify that the diagnosis of a concussion has not yet been made, as far as I know and as far as the public knows, so I was maybe jumping the gun a little bit on that one. I think the reports of “mild dizziness” turned in my mind into a “mild concussion” at some point, which is incorrect. Be aware!

Anyway, have a listen — or do the right thing and go listen to the Dean’s full show last night over at TSN 1260 Edmonton.

  • Barry

    It’s a 36-and-a-half-year-old album, and dammit, I’m going to insist on accuracy because at my age I need to scratch back every year a rounding-off steals from me.