Jays “Finalizing” An Extension With John Gibbons: Report

Dear John, you’re wanted  by the new regime!

OK, so maybe ol’ Gibbers doesn’t look quite as Ray Liotta-y as he once did (maybe? a little bit??), but when you think about it, can’t we all say the same thing?

Anywho, stop me if you’ve heard this one, but the Blue Jays appear as though they’re going to commit to manager John Gibbons with a contract extension.

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Oh? You’ve heard this before? Well… OK… but now Jon Heyman is saying it at Fan Rag Sports. He’s taken those musty old useless newspaper pages from three weeks ago at the start of Spring Training, which said that an extension was coming, and those impenetrable quotes from John Gibbons at the time about how he was “optimistic” and how he’d told Ross Atkins to worry about the roster first before worrying about a contract for himself, and how this was totally always going to happen, and he’s moved it a notch forward.

The deal is being “finalized”! Sources expect to have it “in place by opening day”!

Which isn’t to say that what Heyman has here isn’t news. It’s just… who wouldn’t want Gibbons back? Of course the Jays are trying to make sure that Gibbons stays around for a long time. He may not get how splits work, or always run his bullpen optimally, or understand making Devon Travis the lead-off hitter doesn’t mean that any other second baseman who spells him for a game has to hit lead-off as well, or a whole bunch of other mostly trivial things in the grand scheme of how he does his job. But he’s Gibbons! Gobbins! GOBBOBS!!! Gibbers. Johnny fuckin’ Appleseed.

Could you say no to this face, you monster?

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Plus, y’know, he’s still technically the previous regime’s guy.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, this definitely makes him more the new regime’s guy, and by all accounts — including Heyman’s — they really do like the way he handles his players and communicates with the folks upstairs. This isn’t just the front office keeping themselves insulated from the heat of a season potentially going off the rails, or for fucking once figuring out how to stay out of their own way.  But it’s not not that either, I don’t think.

A disaster season with “Wedgie” at the helm or letting Gibbons languish as a lame duck would do the front office no PR favours, so this should have been a pretty damned easy decision to make. Which… y’know… is why we’ve known it was coming for quite a long time.

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Good on ya, though, Gibbers!

  • luigi vampa

    Hooray for Gibbers! In other news, I’m loving the new mobile friendly format but the Jays Nation RSS feed was dropped when you guys made the format change and I’m a troglodyte who still uses feedly to aggregate his news content. Anyway we can get that fixed Stoets?

  • mjp55

    You had me at “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

    I also like Gibby’s handling of his players. Although struggling to come up with specific examples (Zeke last season & in the playoffs might be one), I like how Gibbers will stay with a player and give him the vote of confidence (that may not necessary match with the expected in-game strategy at exactly that moment), but also seems to produce long-term results with the player and the team.

  • Jax

    Ugh… I mean I get where the management team are coming from, you can’t have a lame duck manager. But I was hoping that the Jays would be rid of Gibby sooner than later. I suppose the silver lining to this dogshit 2017 season will be Gibby being fired.