Daily Duce: Friday, March 17th

Top o’ the Daily??!?!? to ye… Before we start, a quick programming note: don’t forget to send some questions my way for Monday’s edition of my new Griff-style Jays mail bag for VICE Sports. Hit me up at [email protected]! Awesome stuff from Mark Feinsand of MLB.com, as he sits down with Ross Atkins for an…


Birds All Day Podcast: 105. Getting Streamed On

Drew and Stoeten go Dutch on this one, talking about the WBC, the Aaron Sanchez contract hubbub, MLBtv versus Sporsnet Now, and so much more! This podcast is listener supported — see how you can support at Patreon.com/BirdsAllDay Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/birdsallday Subscribe on iTunes: itunes.apple.com You can even support for no cost by simply shopping at Amazon.ca and iTunes through these…


Unspinning the Aaron Sanchez Contract Situation

The forced marriage between the Blue Jays’ front office and Aaron Sanchez’s new agent, Scott Boras, truly has the potential to create some hilarious confusion among Jays fans not terribly interested in thinking before they speak or the finer points of how the game operates. WHO ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO HATE IN THIS??? Today, after…


Performances (Good and Not So Good) Worth Talking About Halfway Through Spring

We’re about halfway through spring training (meaning we’re only a few more weeks away from actual baseball games and holy shit it can’t come any sooner). The Jays have posted a pretty underwhelming 5-11-1 record through their exhibition games so far. But despite that, there have been many more good performances than bad ones. So let’s…


Fowles: On (Meaningless and Meaningful) Baseball Joy

“Generalizations are tricky, sweeping conclusions trickier. But there is one word that perhaps best describes what we’re missing, and even here I might be applying too broad a stroke. The word is joy.” –Ken Rosenthal   There is a happily acknowledged absurdity to the annual fan ritual of Major League Baseball spring training. Every year,…


Daily Duce: Tuesday, March 14th

Daily??!?!? Programming note: For those of you who use RSS readers for this site and have noticed the lack of updates lately, that’s because our RSS feed has moved! Point your readers to bluejaysnation.com/feed/!!! Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun talks about John Gibbons’ upcoming contract extension — something that really is, apparently, uh… upcoming….