Kevin Pillar Roasts a Guy

The wind has picked up on this Friday afternoon. Spring’s arrival is maybe not so imminent as we thought. Bitter cold is on its way. Sounds like a perfect situation for us to warm up with some goddamn hot fire tweets, and here comes Kevin Pillar to the rescue!


Birds All Day Podcast: 104. Liriano? More Like Lirian-Yes!

Francisco Liriano might be kinda good! The World Baseball Classic might be kinda bad (or, at least, MLBtv’s blackout rules for it are — Team Dominican Republic, on the other hand: great)! Oh, and the Jays stlll have a mess in left field. All this and so much more in episode 104 of Birds All…


Daily Duce: Thursday, March 9th

Daily??!?!? Let’s start with a programming note for those who missed my “old man becoming everything he once hated” news on Twitter yesterday: this year I’ll be doing a Griff-style Blue Jays mailbag for VICE!!! I’d love it if you hit me up with some great questions for the first one, so it can be…


Spring Threat: Captain Canada Alert, Blue Jays @ Phillies

Old Friend and 2016 First Half Legend Michael Saunders is playing on the other team today! Woah! The Jays, led by Francisco Liriano are taking on the Phillies with a lineup that’s pretty terrifying when you think that could be something we see in July if a couple of key guys get injured. But we…


John Gibbons Said a Thing About Left Field

It’s far enough away from the point where they have to make a decision that you can give the Blue Jays a little bit of leeway for saying completely ridiculous things about the look of their roster’s deepest pits of despair. They may not have completely lost the plot so much as they’re trying to…


There’s More To Kendrys Morales Than Meets the Eye

Back in November, when the Blue Jays rushed to the front of an empty queue in order to sign Kendrys Morales, quashing all but the most delusional hopes that the club would reunite with beloved DH Edwin Encarnacion, fans were in no mood to hear of all the positive things their new cleanup hitter would…


Spring Threat: First Look At The Trash Birds, Jays @ Orioles

It’s a rematch of last year’s Wild Card game! Maybe the Orioles can actually win this one, because, ya know, it doesn’t matter at all! Heyo! But anyways, the Good Birds will take on the Junk Trash Birds in whatever sewer the Orioles play in. It’ll be Mat Latos getting the start, with Joe Biagini…


Devon Travis’s Knee Injury Began Mysteriously, Remains Mysterious

Devon Travis still ain’t right. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. John Gibbons spoke about his oft-injured second baseman to reporters today in Dunedin, and guess what? He’s still injured! I don’t mean to make too much light of this, because I’m sure frustrating as hell for Travis — much more than it…