The Jays Played A Game Against Team Canada Today: Tuesday, Match 7th

Apparently Team Canada is, in fact, the true Team Canada! Since they beat (quite handily, I’ll add) the sort of Toronto Blue Jays spring squad in a World Baseball Classic tune-up today, they’ll represent Canada in the upcoming Major League Baseball season. Not actually, but damn, did this rag-tag group of random Canadians ever give…


Fall In Love With a Player and You’ll Fall In Love With Baseball

In what seems to be an endless and largely fruitless campaign, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and the MLB powers that be have spent the last handful of weeks reigniting the pace of play conversation for 2017, part of their mission to speed up what is a notoriously slow game.  (Full disclosure: you’ll see a big yawn…


Spring Threat: Can The Real Team Canada Please Stand Up?

Team Canada vs Pseudo Team Canada. Which one is which? That’s up to you to decide! The Blue Jays will play a World Baseball Classic tune-up game against Team Canada, featuring our friend Dalton Pompey and, uh, not a hell of a lot else! It’s certainly a toned down Canada squad, as missing Joey Votto,…


Daily Duce: Monday, March 6th

Daily???!?!? I already wrote my Brett Lawrie thing back on Friday, and didn’t feel it was worth repeating myself for a few extra clicks when word broke that the Jays are one of a handful of teams looking into the former Canadian Jesus and current unemployed utility infielder. I’ll still take a hard pass on…


Stoeten Opens Gregor’s Box – 03/06/17

What would happen if the Blue Jays played a season and there were no Griff Bags or Benny Fresh chats for me to hijack? Not a whole lot, it turns out, because 2016 was a season without those sweet, delicious, painful collections of questions from utter dopes. And it turned out fine, I guess. Minus just a little…


Spring Threat: Tulo, Estrada make 2017 debuts, Rays @ Jays

© Jonathan Dyer After spending the majority of spring training low-key managing the team, Blue Jays daddy Troy Tulowitzki will make his 2017 debut, while Marcus Stroman will get the start, and Marco Estrada will also make his debut in relief at some point. And it’s on TV!


Daily Duce: Friday, March 3rd

Daily??!?!? So David Price got good news from the doctor today, and apparently won’t need Tommy John surgery, which is terrific for him and [grits teeth] his wonderful team and the great city of Boston. Oh well. I guess ya win some, ya pretend you didn’t lose some and are happy the Red Sox roster…


Hard Pass On Brett Lawrie

Image from DJF on Lawrie’s debut via me combing the Wayback Machine for 45 fucking minutes. Josh Donaldson got hurt in the first week of Spring Training. Devon Travis is still ailing from arthroscopic knee surgery in November, and it’s no guarantee that he’ll be ready to start the season. Steve Pearce is recovering from…


Who’s On First?: Breaking Down Blue Jays’ First Baseman Options

Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports “I think one of our best teams could be if Justin Smoak is playing first base at a regular rate and playing every day for us.” Spring training is a time for grandiose optimism, and there was no shortage of that coming from Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins…


A New World is Coming

Much like with any home, there comes a time when you have to throw some paint on the walls, replace broken fixtures, pull up the carpet, Febreze the place and do whatever you can to upgrade your living space. Why am I talking about renovations on a sports website? Well… Because, today, I’m here to tell…