The Bad Guys: Getting To Know The 2017 Tampa Bay ‘Uhhhhh’ Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays seem to be the early favourites to finish at the bottom of the division largely because, well, they’re bad, and because they were there last year. The team has some good pieces, like a lineup that can mash with anybody and a formidable starting rotation, but the front office is concerned about…


Daily Duce: Tuesday, April 4th

Daily??!?!? Gideon Turk of BP Toronto has a source with some insight into the Jays’ internal logic on the Melvin Upton decision, and as always, it makes a whole lot more sense than the pissy, reductive reaction you’ll hear from a lot of fans. Money quote that I’m going to paste a liiiiiittle too much…


The AP’s Payroll Numbers, The AP’s Shmayroll Numbers

There was a rather interesting list of MLB Opening Day payrolls released over the weekend by the Associated Press (available here via Forbes), which I’m kinda surprised has yet to cause a Category Five shitticane around these parts. Just this morning Bluebird Banter passed along the same information, so maybe the storm is still a-brewin’ as Jays…


The Bad Guys: Getting To Know The 2017 New York ‘Spring Training Champs!’ Yankees

The American League East is loaded with question marks this season. It’s easily the most difficult division in baseball to predict, as each of the five teams, realistically, could make the playoffs. Right in the middle of the AL Beast’s puzzle is the sort-of-rebuilding-sort-of-not New York Yankees, who, despite having have more question marks than sure…


Introducing Daily Dugout

Fantasy baseball people! The people who run Daily Faceoff, The Nation Network’s excellent fantasy hockey website, have expanded into the world of baseball this summer, launching a new fantasy baseball resource called Daily Dugout.