Jays lose 7-2! The Bats Stone Cold

Things that were good

  • Ummmm… Josh’s home run was pretty.
  • We get to finally leave the hell hole that is Tropicana Field.

Things that were not good

  • Flyball pitcher Marco Estrada really let the balls fly today giving up 3 homeruns. But the even scarier part was that all 3 homers was on in his change up. A combination of the Rays sitting on it and a straighter than usual change up made him unfortunately… good hitting.
  • Man those bats. Outside that first inning, the Jays didn’t get another hit until 9th. Yeah there were some bad luck there but my god. It was so frustrating to see Odurizzi and Tampa’s bullpen work their way through the line up.
  • After running out a ground ball, Donaldson walked off the field limping and didn’t come back for the bottom of the 6th. After dealing with his calf all season long last year and missing a lot of time  during the spring you can’t help but worry and low-key look for a goat to sacrifice. For more detail here’s Cam on the beat.

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Next up:

The Jays are finally home and have J.A. Happ on the mound to face the Milwaukee Brewers.

  • balzac

    A little off-topic, but if Otani comes over to the MLB next year, am I incorrect that he would only cost the club that he chooses to play for a maximum of $25.75M? (posting fee capped at $20M and the max international spending limit of $5.75M). Obviously most teams will be making this offer, so it would be up to each club to provide the appropriate incentives, depending on what Otani values. Would a club offering him an opt-out into free agency after either 2 or 3 seasons, instead of exercising the standard 6 years of control, incentivize him to sign ? It seems to me that it would be a reasonable gamble at what would be equivalent to a 2 or 3 year deal at $26M for a potential impact player on both sides of the ball. The marketing of Otani alone could potentially recoup a lot of the resources spent on a deal like that.

    Opportunities like this don’t come along often, and the Jays could use a player like Otani in 2018 and 2019 to help bridge the gap between the current group of veterans and the prospects on the way up. However, I would assume that geography may play a large role in where he would choose to play, and the sweepstakes for his services will be uber-competitive. Speaking as a Jays fan, I’m beyond certain he would NEVER sign with Toronto, but it’s fun to speculate on.

    • if you’re certain he’d never sign with TO (which i agree with), what part of speculating about where he’ll sign is fun? i mean, two legit options are the yanks & sawx, so i’m not sure how that’s a fun bit of contemplation.

  • Jax

    This is a dreadful start. I was telling my friends the other day that I had this gut feeling the Jays would go 5-20 in April… I don’t know why but I just didn’t like the makeup of this years team. The Gibbons extension will also prove to be an instafailure much like the Smoak 2 year extension.

  • lukewarmwater

    I just hope Donaldson can get over the nagging calf injuries as this team as any other team can’t afford to lose an M.V.P. Josh of course knows only one way to play and that is at full tilt. Into his 30’s now and injuries obviously take longer to heal as you get older. I’m sure most Jay fans will be keeping an eye on how the talented kids we have on the farm our developing. Unfortunate that none our quite ready yet as they truly would help in the depth department we badly need.