Blue Jays Mail Bag: The Bats, The Trop, And a Lousy Start to the Season

The Blue Jays season is underway! And… uh… wow. Things have been pretty ugly so far for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Which is great news for me, because it means people are ready to lose their minds about it, and I’ve got this handy little mailbag—an homage to Richard Griffin’s old mailbags for the Toronto Star—to help talk them through their meltdowns.

That is, if they’re not just baiting me. Which they probably are! Read on to find out!

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And if you have a Blue Jays question you’d like me to tackle for next week, be sure to send it to [email protected]. Now on with the show! As always, I have not read any of Griff’s answers…

The Leafs are going to be competitive for several years to come, as will the Raptors and TFC. The question needs to be asked: How difficult will it be for a rebuilding Jays team to get any attention from Toronto fans and from the Toronto sports media over the next few years? Can the franchise survive if they fall to 4th among the big Toronto sports teams?

Henry Frere


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