Blue Jays Lose. Donaldson Injured. Everything Awful.

What is there to say at this point? The pitching was fantastic yet again, but, yet again, the Jays hitters pissed the game away. Now we’re at 1-8, and it’s getting hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry for sounding dramatic, but geez.

Things that were good

  • Francisco Liriano had an excellent bounce-back after his disastrous first start of the season last week. Liriano went six-and-two-thirds innings allowing just two runs on five hits and two walks while collecting 10ย strikeouts. He had one bad inning, the fifth, where Jonathan Schoop, Trey Mancini, Welington Castillo, and J.J. Hardy all hit the ball hard, but otherwise, he was excellent.
  • Joe Biagini and Joe Smith pitched the remainder of the game, and were great. Biagini had a couple of strikeouts, and Smith struck out the side in the ninth. Hell, the pitchers held Baltimore to five hits, but apparently that isn’t good enough.

Things that weren’t good

  • The one good thing that happened all game for the bats came in the sixth inning when Josh Donaldson drove in Jose Bautista for the team’s first run. But, of course, Donaldson re-aggravated his calf running the bases, and immediately left the game. Fuck. We’ll hear more about Donaldson tomorrow. Hold your hands in prayer.
  • The offence, in general, was putrid yet again tonight. Hopeless looking swings, lazy fly balls, nothing hit hard. In the ninth inning, it appeared the Jays had a rally going, where Troy Tulowitzki hit a single and Russell Martin worked a walk off of Zach Britton, but Kevin Pillar and Steve Pearce couldn’t manage to drive them in.
  • Being 1-8 in general? I mean, I get that it’s only been, like, five per cent of the season, or whatever, but hell, this is getting ridiculous. The Jays have lost eight games and only one has been by more than two runs.

Top #content

  • Malcolm

    We already know what we have in Carrera, Goins, Smoake, Barney, Santaetc, in terms of non hitting and yet they, out of necessity still get trotted out each game. What doesn’t make sense is the inability of Martin, Bautista, Pearce and Travis to get on base. Itโ€™s killing us. My brain says it will turn around eventually but the AL East gap widens everyday. Worrisome.

  • lukewarmwater

    Well I suppose we could simply have another column ripping the shit out of some poor lost souls calling Mike Wilmer. That would make us all feel better.

  • lukewarmwater

    The Raptors rushed back both DeMar DeRozan and Patrick Patterson only to see them worsen their injuries. I get Donaldson is a gamer but if the guy is taken out for a pinch runner, namely the speedy Salty last night, what the hell do you think will happen when he aggressively tries to run the bases with only a few days rest from the calf pull.
    Bottom line calf muscle problems can cause havoc during a season. Josh get the proper rest this time, your incredible play at this point will only help so much with the current level of hitting from most of your teammates.

    • allstev

      That’s my thought too, I know it’s early but 1-8, and JD hurt it aint looking good. Back to back ALCS’ was awesome, can’t win it every year, and this is an old team, dumping the vets this year probably avoids multiple shit years in the near future. I trust this front office to do it too, look at Cleveland they’re built to kick ass for a while.

      • Rob Ray

        I wouldn’t say the Indians are built for too long of a term. Their window of opportunity is about two years. I say that because the primary reason for their success is their shutdown bullpen and all of their relievers are due to be free agents by the end of next year. Once the Indians have the lead in the middle innings, they trot those relievers out and the game is over. Because of the contract they gave Edwin, they have been unable to sign Carlos Santana (who will be a free agent at the end of this year) and Francisco Lindor to contract extensions as both players agents have told the Indians they believe their clients deserve more money than Edwin. In Lindor’s case, he has hinted at $27 million a year. The Indians are a team that simply cannot afford a bunch of $20 million dollar a year players. Hence it looks like Lindor will hit the free agent market at age 28. If you were paying attention yesterday, you saw where Carlos Correa told the Astros he won’t be signing any long term discounted deal where his arbitration years are bought up. The Astros have renewed him at $565,000 a year now for two straight years. After seeing older players this past winter fail to land big deals, agents are realizing that teams are no longer handing out big contracts to players beyond about 33 or 34 years old. The steroids era is over and players are aging naturally again. Contracts like the ones given to Joey Votto and Albert Pujols are a thing of the past.

      • Carl Jung

        There’s no way Shapiro is going to get as long to build Toronto as he did to build Cleveland.

        Rogers’ playbook includes switching up management before the fans get out the pitchforks for them.

  • Maggie25

    I will never understand people hoping for a rebuild. You know what’s worse than watching our team full of aging superstars? Watching a team full of the shitty players who replace them while you wait for young good players to make it to the big league team.

    • allstev

      They’re 1-9 it’s gonna be tough to be much shittier than what’s going on right now. I’d rather watch shitty baseball knowing the players are gonna improve not get worse.

  • Rob Ray

    If the club continues to struggle through this weekend, one has to wonder if some kind of move isn’t forthcoming (Brook Jacoby?). I hope they haven’t become like the Phillies of just a few years ago, who went from World Series calibre to old and expensive overnight.