Daily Duce: Monday, April 17th


Programming note: I haven’t done one of these in a while, and oh man, there are a lot of howls into the void out there that might be worth looking at… if not for the fact that I have almost no time for anybody’s “what’s wrong with the Jays” thinkpieces right now. So don’t expect a whole lot of that here…

Oh, look, Damien Cox has decided this is the moment to slide into our DMs, because he’s gotta at least ask the question about what the Jays start might mean for a potential rebuild. Which isn’t an unfair question in its own right — shit, I wrote about it as a potentiality way back in December or January — but is a hell of a place for a tourist to pick to take a leak. (If you really want to read the piece, it’s at that place where they still let Rosie DiManno write, too).

Cathal Kelly wrote about the Jays’ “failure to launch” for the Globe and Mail, but suffers from the ol’ Cox Block, as far as getting suffocated by scorn is concerned. Luckyyyyyy.

Blue Jays From Away asks a good question with no good answers: who takes Aaron Sanchez’s spot in the rotation.

Andrew Munn of BP Toronto takes a look at Kendrys Morales’s approach, which he likens to Edwin’s. Which sounds damn good to me.

We proooooobably could use thinking about prospects a little more, so with that in mind, Clutchlings reports some actual damn good news on Max Pentecost: he’s back behind the plate! Or at least he will be soon.

South of the Six has been doing some great stuff on the Jays lately, and I’ll add Adam Corsair’s It’s Not Pretty, But It’s Not Over to the pile.

The Blue Jay Hunter notes that the Jays wore their old skool white panel caps (and batting helmets!) during the home opener, which apparently they haven’t done since they wore the then-welcome but now-atrocious powder blue uniforms on Flashback Fridays early in the Beeston era. They’re all better than the red abominations we saw on Sunday.

The Jays are optimistic about their ability to turn things around, writes Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun.

Elsewhere at the Sun, Buffery tells us not to expect to see Joe Biagini in the Jays’ rotation any time soon, despite the recent loss of two of their starters. Uh… what do you think James Shields costs?

Buster Olney also does the Jays teardown thing for ESPN.com, which… yeah, we get it. Olney also podcasted about the Jays woes, speaking with the excellent Laura Armstrong of the Toronto Star (er… that place that still lets Rosie DiManno write).

The Jays’ peripherals are not much worse than they were in 2017, writes Jeff Quattrociocchi of Jays From The Couch. Sure, I’ll take it!

Jason Foster of the Sporting News says that the Jays’ 2-10 start could mean something, but it probably doesn’t.

Oh, and poor Matt Dermody is on his way back to Buffalo. Corresponding move to be announced tomorrow. Meh.

I’ll just leave this here:

  • Evisserator

    I don’t mean to trash Rosie at all, but her writing makes me speculate about her past. I’m picturing a former incense burning high school English teacher, who fell in love with her student and moved to Mexico, only to land on her feet years later at the star. I’m probably way off, but that’s what I like to think.

  • Space Ghost

    What’s wrong with Hayhurst’s tweet? It’s not wrong, is it? And why shit on him? The dude has been very open about his mental health problems. He’s deliberately being an ass for views like Cox or Kelly.

    • Kyball

      There nothing wrong with it really, but it does feel a little troll-ish in that you could replace the three Jays players with the other players on other teams and the tweet would be the same.
      It’s cherry picking stats. It’s accurate and true, but is ultimately meaningless.

        • Kyball

          Because it’s just as useful as saying “Bartolo Colon hit more home runs in 2016 than 500 other players.”
          It’s true. But who cares?
          You could even narrow it to say “Bartolo Colon hit more home runs during the span of May 4th- May 20th than 90% of the league.”
          He’s not a better home run hitter than 90% of the league.
          It doesn’t mean anything. It’s an arbitrary stat with arbitrary end points.
          Bumgarner has 1 less home run than Mike Trout. He’s almost as good a hitter has Mike Trout.
          Bumgarner has the same amount of home runs as Longoria, Donaldson, Morales, McCutcheon, Machado, d’Arnaud, Travis Shaw, Kyle Schwarber, etc … I’m just randomly picking players who have 2 home runs at this point in the season. Do you get the point?
          It doesn’t matter.
          There are hundreds on players who have less than 2 home runs right now.
          It is still meaningless. Every single player than has less than two home runs is worse than Bumgarner?
          No. Don’t be dumb.

        • Mule or etc...

          Because any player’s sample size at this point in the season is meaningless. You can find 30-40 ABs in every player’s career where they were terrible.

  • fred2

    I used to like Hayhurst, but once he got fired by Sportsnet he really turned up the troll gas. His point is valid, it’s singling out the Jays that is troll-worthy. There are plenty of other hitters not hitting right now.

    That said … ‘you’ve got to ask the question’, is Bumgarner actually good enough to hold a place in a major league roster on hitting alone. He probably is. He’s baseball’s first all-rounder since … Babe Ruth maybe?